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How Do Vulnerabilities Play Out in Sex?

Why do we make sexual choices that make us vulnerable? Can one #VulnerABILITY lead to another?

Even when we know a certain choice or action can be negative sex, we still sometimes make sexual choices that render us vulnerable. Why do we do that? It's because there are a teeming host of other vulnerabilities under the surface determining our actions. Maybe that is why information and slogans are not enough for us to make better sexual choices - we need to address all our underlying emotions, anxieties and circumstances too. Sometimes the law, sometimes social stigma, sometimes our own prejudices, anxieties, uncertainties can intersect to create a choice which leaves us feeling bad - and so, continuing the negative cycle of vulnerability.
But - if we addressed these vulnerabilities in a more emotional, thoughtful manner without easy slogans and catch phrases, we might find that we can open up a happier and positive cycle of shared vulnerabilities that help us make better choices for ourselves along with others.
Scroll down to see what these negative and positive cycles of vulnerability look like!

The Positive Cycles of Vulnerability!

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