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Some ancient agents of ishq spent a lot of time thinking about sex. One of these was Pururvasa, a statesman who had trained for years in the art of seduction and was the only mortal to ever have attracted an apsara, Urvashi. The Pururvasa Manasijsutram, aphorisms on how to have good sex and how to please a woman are attributed to him.
Sandhya Mulchandani, in her book "The Five Arrows of Kama: The Art Of Love, Sex and Desire" says of it- "rather than discussing foreplay and positions like in the Kamasutra these verses make statements much like a modern-day Kinsey Report and discuss everything from puberty to the ideas intervals between arousals and the G-spot (or, the sardagrdi).
Here's a sample - the ideal seasonal plan for having sex.
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