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From Spanking to Sehlana - 10 Types of Touch for your Erogenous Zones!

What’s one sweet conspiracy of erogenous zones? Each person has many and each zone is differently sensitive. The presence of many or fewer nerve endings makes erogenous zones sensitive - so that is why different parts of the body respond to different forms of touch.  So here’s a match-the-following type of sexy touch and area of the body.     Type of touch: Nazrein milana aka Holding the Gaze Where - Eyes and Brain When people look at someone they find attractive, their pupils widen.  That old phrase caressing with eyes has real meaning. Looking and being looked at work as a kind of virtual touch because of the Brain, which has the ability to convert visual signals into sexual sizzles. So hold that gaze, it’s a turn-on.   Type of touch: Tickling  Where - neck, navel, armpits, earlobes, the soles of the feet, inner thighs Works for some, makes others uncomfortable though.   Type of touch : Caressing or Stroking - Sehlana Where - arms, legs, neck, stomach, butt, hair - but really, most effective in areas with dense nerve endings - ask our primer for those!   Type of touch: Spanking Where - butt, tops of thighs, across breasts. Start slow and get intense gradually. Pro tip: Gluteal fold- where the butt cheeks meet the top of the thighs is a hot spot for women and men.    Type of touch: Sucking Where: Mouth, genitals, nipples, neck, fingertips, toes Pro tip: Sucking on an ice cube and then sucking on nipples causes contraction of nipples due to the cold and can heighten the sensations.    Type of touch: Massaging Where: Scalp, feet, pubic mound, back Trivia: There is an acupressure point about one-third of the way down from the third toe, right in front of the arch in the center of the foot. It’s said that massaging this point, nicknamed the "bubbling spring," can boost blood flow throughout the body.   Type of touch: Pinching (not toooo hard) Where: Nipples, earlobes- especially for men   Type of touch: Grazing skin with fingernails  Where: Neck, back, thighs, back of the kneee Pro tip: If the skin’s sensitivity allows it, try scaling up to Scratching   Trivia: Kamasutra recommends it when passion is on the rise and classifies nail markings during sex into eight types based on their shapes: discus, half-moon, circle, line, tiger’s claw, peacock’s foot, hare’s leap and lotus leaf.   Type of touch: Tapping Where: 2-finger tapping around the citoris for women.  Pro tip - EFT (emotional freedom technique) tapping is also a pain relief technique that uses rapid finger tapping to create energy hot spots.   Type of touch: Breathing into skin Where: Ears, collarbone     Some mazedaar matter: Researchers mapped the sensitivity to types of touch in the female body and found these responses -   Light touch Most sensitive : Neck, forearm, vaginal margin Least sensitive: Nipples   Pressure Most sensitive: Clitoris, nipples Least sensitive: Side boob, abdomen   Vibration Most sensitive: Clitoris, nipples   Some researchers found these findings useful for breast augmentation and gender reassignment surgery. 

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