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Aditi Mittal's Sexy Saturday Songs

1. Aaj Rapat Jaaye

This one is all about the rain, the blowing wind and an open confession by the hero that on this drenched day, all he wants to do is "slip" and if the woman gets caught in trying to save him, she'll "slip" too. It is impossible to listen to this song without the visuals playing in your head. A bratty Amitabh Bachchan (voiced by the spunky Kishore Kumar) seduces the sultry, self-contained Smita Patil, asking her to let herself go and find pleasure. This song is nothing if not a melodious reminder that when it rains, Mother Nature is asking you to get your ass indoors and cultivate your fertile land till it is laden with fruit.

2. Bahon Main Chale Aao

This song is beautiful in its simplicity. It is all about a lover asking her lover to lose even the last of the masks that he wears for the world outside. “Hum se sanam kya parda?" is the most intimate of questions asked of a lover, not in a raunchy come-let-me-strip-you-down-and-use-you kind of way but it sings of an almost tender and nurturing love. Like pouring caramel sauce of love over the cream in a tres leche of sex -- and unmasking the complete potential of that dessert. (Am I hungry? Possibly.)

3. Raat Ka Nasha

Kareena Kapoor. Holy hell. On watching the picturisation of this song for the first time, I just wanted to touch her to see if she was real. (Is it okay to say that? Sorry Saif, but I do genuinely want to.) Raat Ka Nasha and the intoxicating flute the song carries is all about that time of sleepy wakefulness, when you're falling off to sleep or barely waking up, and the bed is a blurry tangle of limbs and dreams and skin and reality and sometimes confessions and secrets.

Another reason I love this song is because in the song, Shah Rukh Khan is not just another macho hero who is trying to get onto the heroine's chalti emotional train. He is present. He expresses gratitude for her love and genuinely makes you think that she can't believe his luck that he gets to be with Kaurwaki (Kareena Kapoor).

4. Sheher Gulabi

The musical interlude in this song makes you imagine that you're a Sufi dervish, looking up at the sky and spinning in circles feeling the butterflies in your stomach that only love can make you feel. Also, is there an antidote to Sushant Singh's DEADLY snaggled toothed smile? If I am M.F. Husain, he is my Madhuri Dixit.

5. Doctor Jones

When I was 12, I had my first crush to this song on my then dance instructor --who was horrifically cute and EVERY girl in class was madly in love with him too. Every time he spoke to me, I felt like I was special. Then one day, he complimented me on a step I got right and made me demonstrate it for the class. That obviously led to me assuming we're going to get married and have children. Including a side-fantasy that all the other girls in my dance class would dance at my sangeet. For us. He was my Dr Jones.

6. Haye Rama

I got my first lady-boner to this song. In my fantasies, I was dressed like Urmila and doing some capoeira (or whatever it was) on the sand. My crush those days was a best friend's cousin brother who fit the Jackie Shroff stoic cliche quite well. My favourite part of the song is when she sings "Jaaaao, hum kotohaati, sharmhai..." but her body and the naughtiness of the tone totally flaunt the depth of desire. The paradoxical premise of that moment was utterly dizzying for a young me. It is the new age, sex-positive version of "itraanaa" as the heroines of olden times used to say and do.

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