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Prashansa Gurang's Sexy Saturday Songs

I’m a helpless romantic. So, for me music is the perfect language to express this feeling they call ‘love.’ I put love in quotes because though it is one word, there are really so many ways in which this love finds expression: utter admiration, jealousy, feeling small yet infinite, physical desire – to name one among a myriad others.

To me, sexy isn’t equated with the act of love making necessarily, or even its proposition, but with the idea of founding a new definition altogether of relating romantically to someone else.

To me, the songs I have chosen, represent an expression of love that is not confined to the physical realm, but explore the larger, expanded emotions of love; a sense of laying bare; being in love with love itself. That is sexy for me.

I had to start the list with Bipul Chetrri, one of the most exemplary artists to come out of Darjeeling, who has redefined the contemporary Nepalese voice. Music knows no language and his tunes are enough to get a Wildfire (another great track. In fact it was a competition between the two and it was a tough choice!) started somewhere inside you.

I consider him a poet and his songs poetry in tune.

1. Syndicate

I think this song, Syndicate, is a metaphor for life itself; about the possibilities between us and the sad acceptance that we eventually part ways.

2. Quel qu ma dit

The simplicity of the instrument and the cruel lyrics. Nuff said!

3. Ramooz-e-ishq

Total and complete and sweetest, willing surrender - the core idea behind this love.

4. Jaalmai Resham Filili 

This song is as playful as they come, evoking a jovial, friendly exchanges between two lovers.

5. O Mere Dil Ke Chhain

This one is a classic too! The lyrics are sexy and romantic - intent and intense, woo hoo!

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