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Sexy Saturday Songs Curated by Paromita Vohra

  1. It’s hard to make just one playlist of Sexy Saturday Songs. But if it has to be one for a wintry Saturday afternoon, then the mood of my playlist is languorous. Mera dil jo mera hota from Anubhav is maybe one of Hindi cinema’s most frankly sexual songs expressing the feeling that the act of lovemaking continues on into the memory, that it persists in the thinking about it. From the music and lyric of the song itself, to the way it is shot, with sun dappling water, water touching skin, the images of the previous night superimposed on the present, with Tanuja experiencing her own body differently, happily – this is a song that’s suffused with the sense of body and touch and sensuality.

  2. Suzanne Vega’s Caramel is the opposite of Mere Dil Jo Mera Hota – instead of the loose limbed memory of sex, it is full of the taut anticipation of it. The tune, the rhythm, the thick intimacy of the voice is full of the awareness of another’s body, the almost suffocating headiness of growing attraction.

  3. It’s hard to live in South Asia and not think of the rains when you think of sexy songs. This song of rain, Khamaj by the Pakistani band Fuzon, is all about longing to see the beloved, to be covered with desire as the earth is covered with rain; it’s a warm, modern sexy version of an emotion found commonly in so many of our thumris and ghazals.

  4. A little coming and going, come teasing and tempting, and a lot of touching and pretending and playing and taking your time, is always sexy (as is Dimple Kapadia in this song from Sagar of course!)

  5. Sexy is always more thrilling with a little funny! In These Shoes by Kirsty McColl is witty and confident and a little kinky – and makes you want to take charge for a bit
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