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Sexy Saturday Songs by Ameen Sayani


Indian film songs have always provided a treasure-house of magnificent ROMANCE. But, once in a while, the romance gets a warmer – expressing its natural, inevitable link with SEX.

I’ve chosen just a few songs which I feel border on the erotic – and leave it to you to judge for yourself:


Sung by one of the best known, highly dignified singers of the old days (Punkaj Mallik), just see how softly sizzling is the message that this song of his gives to the young ladies having an affair : "Go and have a tryst with your lover. Enjoy yourself, but with discretion - maintaining your modesty in the eyes of the world - tread softly, so no one can hear you going !"

2. "DIL CHEEZ KYA HAI" (Film "UMRAO JAAN" - 1981)

Though this is a song recorded in the eighties, it was in a film portraying a traditional singer-dancer of "MUJRAS" of the 1850s - UMRAO JAAN. "MUJRA" was a typical musical function for the rich and elite, where alluring singer-dancers - courtesans - performed their numbers, and it is said sometimes, thereafter invited the most eminent of the guests to their bedrooms. The song translates : "If necessary, take away my heart - or even my life - but grant me my request (you know for what) at least once !"

3. "MUNGDA O MUNGDA" (Film "INKAAR" - 1977)

In Maharashtra, the mujrah-like form was called "LAAVNI" - which was tremendously energetic, and mischievously sexy. This song translates : "Scurrying ant! Look at me, I'm a lump of sugar for you! If you want me, come and take me! Otherwise I'm off someplace else!"

4. "RAAT AKELI HAI" (Film "JEWEL THIEF" - 1967)

In Hindi popular songs there have been heaps of unabashedly sexy songs often picturised in perfectly routine circumstances and locations. In this one, a glamorous young lady invites her boy-friend thus in the soft darkness: "The night is lonely, and the lights have been extinguished (but not my desire!). Come close to me, and whisper in my ear... whatever it is you want!" (And what do you think he must have said ?)

5. "JALTA HAI JIYA MORA" (Film "ZAKHMI" - 1975)

There are so many songs of invitation, expressing desire and asking happily that it be sated. Here's a hot lover who's beckoning his sweetheart with sizzling words : "My heart is burning (with desire) in the rainy night. Come to me, darling, I can't wait any longer!" (Which sweetheart could resist such a steamy request ?)


All the songs that I've hitherto indicated were still a bit subdued, sometimes metaphorical. But here's one that was so frankly hot, that the music-composer R.D. Burman was a bit scared to request the famous Mohammed Rafi to sing it with Asha Bhosle - because the singing had some rising breathless bits, indicative of the panting that occurs in the sex act. However, Rafi smiled and agreed to sing -aa-aa-aaj, aaa-aa-aaaah - and how!


And, finally, here's a beautiful song that perhaps marks the end of a marvellous bout of sex and the beginning of langorous intimacy. Both lovers are dead tired, and are now relaxing in bed in each other's arms. But, before they drop off to sleep, they softly croon their love for each other - and promise to maintain their link of love, forever !

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Padma Shri Ameen Sayani is a veteran broadcaster famous for Binaca Geet Mala on AIR and Radio Ceylon that ran from 1953 till 1994.

Co-ordinated by Preksha Malu.

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