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The Many Kinds of Condoms

Types of condoms demystified - for max uninterrupted pleasure!

There is an image of a smiling penis holding different kinds of condoms like balloons. In total, there are five kinds of condoms depicted. One has bananas printed on it, signalling that they are flavoured condoms. There is a picture of a face sticking out their tongue next to it. Another condom has a moustache and wears a hat – alluding to the invisible Mr. India, suggesting that it’s so thin it almost can’t be felt. Another has bumps on it, suggested that it’s ribbed. 

Text on card reads:

The Many Kinds of Condoms

Latex Condoms:

Sabse common & popular variety. Allergy ka dhyaan rahe!

Long Lasting:

Thicker ones jisse foreplay longer aur ejaculation delayed. 

Thin Condoms: 

If you thinkcondom is a pleasure-killer, the ekdum Mr. India variety- almost invisible!


Make oral sex delicious with jasmine, choco-latte and banana flavours!

Textured: Want zyada friction and pleasure? Choose these ones in ribbed and/or dotted. 

Pre-Lubricated condoms - 

Why buy two, when you can buy two-in-one? Safety bhi, smoothness bhi in pre-lubricated condoms. 

Star ki fees? Condoms can be from Rs 60 for a pack of ten to Rs 700 for special kinds.

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