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Sexy Saturday Songs: Suriya Special

Happy Birthday to the poster boy of romance in Tamil cinema!

If I had to appoint someone as the poster boy of romance in Tamil cinema, it would be Suriya. Unlike many others whose main skills are style, action sequences, dancing or lecturing women, Suriya’s is romance. Even in his action flicks, the bare minimum conversation with a lover feels like he is invested in the woman. His romance is of the gaze, the touch and the holding close. Plus he looks like a million bucks which adds to the appeal of everything he does. Here’s a list of Sexy Saturday Songs celebrating the sensuality that defines Suriya. 

  1. In Nenjukkul Peidhidum, every time Suriya looks at Sameera Reddy, he wonders, How did I manage to find such a beautiful person? His gaze is soft. His touch is gentle, almost careful. He sings that the breeze drifts differently now and that the lotuses are drowning in their ponds. Hariharan’s voice makes you feel the kind of love that bubbles all the way from your heart and overflows through a smile. Like the eternally blooming flower that the beloved wears, the song reminds you that love is forever beautiful and fragrant. Watch here:

  2. Annul Mele Panithuli has the comfort of a cuddle under the blanket. As you watch the growing intimacy between Suriya and Divya Spandana – from long walks to hugs and kisses to getting into bed together, it feels like settling into that perfect cuddle position. The journal-like lyrics and Sudha Raghunathan’s husky voice (much like Bombay Jayashree’s in Vaseegara/Zara Zara) add to the wintery feeling of the song. And for eye-hot-chocolate, you have Suriya dressed sometimes in camouflage overalls and sometimes in crisp shirts and trousers with a pair of classic, black sunglasses. Watch here:

  3. Kaatu Payale is a song for the yumminess of desire. A song that thirsts and drools, asking to be eaten whole. Far from the blankety, wintery feeling of cuddles, this song is all flesh and sweat. Aparna Balamurali makes eyes and moves at Suriya and he plays the sexy kind of serious. When they are lying in a tent-full of sleeping relatives, she signals him to come outside. In the pouring rain, he pulls her face close to his and they kiss. Dhee sings in her bold voice, “Naan unakku yaanai pasi, nee enakku sola pori” – I fill you like the appetite of an elephant, you fill me like a kernel of corn. Watch here:

  4. Unlike Kaatu Payale’s meatiness, desire in Nenjam Ellam is breezy. The song begins when Suriya asks Esha Deol if she’ll move in with him and she says “Yoschu sollren” (I’ll think about it). He drives away on his bike, shrugging his shoulder, relaxing his arms, smiling knowingly and she walks away grinning widely, a skip in her step. This is a post-amazing-date kind of song. When even after saying bye, desire swirls on. It tingles in the hands itching to touch again, in the eyes wanting to linger on, in the drying lips that need some extra wetting and in the extra air you keep breathing out. Watch here:

  5. New York Nagaram is about the desire that fills distance. Amidst the looming skyscrapers of New York City, a crooning Suriya walks the streets missing his wife Jyothika. He smiles to himself, looks into the distance and nods to the beat. The frustration and desperation of separation drift through A. R. Rahman’s voice and the solitary piano notes. As the song ends, you feel like you’re in a landing flight. Butterflies flutter in the stomach. There is a promise of someone waiting to pick you up, someone whose arms you can run into, someone who can take you home. Watch here:

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