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Watch These #GrownUpGirls Re-Define Adulthood

Seven young women talk about the sparkling futures they envision for themselves

What will your life be like when you grow up? We asked seven young women this question, and their answers will make you want to soar with them as they dream of sparkling futures filled with work, football, travel, love and so many other exciting things! Re-defining adulthood beyond marriage and motherhood, they describe the life they dream of and desire and try to negotiate every day – with their families, communities and society at large.
Re-Imagining Work
Dabangg, Simmba, Singham ko chhodo dear, Inspector Parvati is here! She tells us her dream of being a cop with heart and having a shaadi with a difference.
Re-Imagining Goals
Meet Rupam, who wants to be a football star: “Main apni team ke saath poori duniya ghoomna chahti hoon – boyfriend ho gaya toh use bhi le jaoongi!”
Re-Imagining Romance
“Future mein, main toh self-dependent houngi” Rimjhim’s love story didn’t end perfectly. But she knows what she wants in the future – the freedom to love and freedom in love.
Re-Imagining Success
“Jo shaadi nahin karte woh kya jeete nahin hain?” Can a supportive family, ignore social fundas and help girls dream big dreams beyond only marriage? Meet Kajal, dreaming of being a world-famous artist.
Re-Imagining Happiness
“Mujhe khush rehna pasand hai.” Manisha wants to go to Switzerland, but not for her honeymoon. Sometimes a girl just dreams of being happy and free without band, baja baraat, just passport and ticket! Join our world traveler.
Re-Imagining Freedom
“Main chahti hoon ki purush jo faisle lete hain, us tarah se main bhi faisla le saku.” Sushma wants the freedom to befriend, love, marry whoever she wants! But not alone. She’s fighting for other girls to be free too!
Re-Imagining Family
Shaadi with marzi, and marzi inside shaadi. Sakina has planned her life to the last puppy. Marriage, husband, business, children – all of them full of love and equality. Enter Sakina’s dream of pyaari duniya.
These videos are a part of Agents of Ishq’s #GrownUpGirls Reimagine Adulthood series on early marriage, child marriage and age of consent. These interviews were done with participants from SELF (Sports, Expression, Leadership and Freedom), CREA’s leadership academy for young women, using sports, arts, media and technology:
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