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Sorry Thank You Tata Bye Bye - A Music Video About Age of Marriage In Collaboration With Oxfam India

A video about early marriage which asks one most important question: when we make laws that affect women, do we ask women what they want?

Produced in collaboration with OXFAM India with a Bollywood style of fun, this entertaining and stylish video encourages us to rethink our ideas of empowerment. To listen to people with openness and empathy to understand their lives, and to step out of our compulsive attitudes to save people from the life we imagine they lead. 

We might speak of empowering women, but why do the responses to women’s demand for rights sound suspiciously like Sorry, Thank you, Ta-Ta, Bye Bye? How effective can laws be in a society that won’t change its attitude to gender? 

The video was based on research insights on what young people want for a better life,  by the Young Voices collective.

It is being used consistently in the field by advocates and generated a strong response among advocates, influencers and celebrities in the online launch

Upon its release, the video received widespread media coverage for its light and versatile of a deeply complex subject.

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