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A Lavni About Consent: The Amorous Adventures of Megha and Shakku

Follow the delightful amorous adventures of Megha and Shakku as they teach us the nuances of Yes, No, Maybe and the Point of Consent!

Meet Megha and Shakku bai, two lavni dancers extraordinaire, who are wondering, why don't men understand the meaning of consent.
"It's not hard cash, that I can put it in your hand!" says Shakku. "These things have to be sensed!"
"What if I feel neither yes, nor no, but something in between?" asks Megha. "What to say then?"
As we follow their amorous adventures, they take us through the intricacies of yes, no and maybe and how to sense the Point of Consent, in a unique music video. A Marathi lavni, mixed up with a little English. Saucy and funny, sharp and exuberant, full of the joy of life and juicy, rasila world of desire. There was never a sexier, more confident, more desi discussion of consent!
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