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Bind It!

A guide to chest binding from what to, to, how to use your binder

There is a person wearing a binder and a red jacket. Their belly button is exposed. They also have some chest hair.

Text on the cards reads:

Bind It!

The Art Of Wearing A Binder

Thinking of trying a binder to achieve that flat-chest dream? 

Here’s a handy guide

There are four illustrations on the card. There is a binder half-cropped at the bust with a neck bandanna. The second is a cropped binder without shoulder straps. The third is a full-length binder with sunglasses tucked in at the collar. The fourth is K-tape covering the nipples.

Text on the cards reads:

Step 1: Pick a binder that suits you

Here’s some styles you can choose from -

Half-cropped binders: They reach your midriff (like a sports bra). They compress only the chest. 

Band binders: Cropped, but don’t have shoulder straps. 

Long binders: Compress the bust, stomach, and hips.

Kinetic tape aka K-tape: Tape that you can bind your chest with for compression. 

Some binders also come with zippers, clasps and velcro straps.

There is a picture of a naked body with a measuring tape under the bust.

Text on the cards reads:

Step 2: Measure yourself

Measure your shoulder width, 

bust size, 



and hips.

Considering a long binder? Go by your bust size if you're in between two sizes for your bust and waist/hips. 

Don’t buy a smaller binder size. It might be tempting, but the goal is to compress, not crush!

There is a graphic guide to a person wearing a binder. They pull it over their arms, then through the collar and and pull the folds of the binder down

Text on the cards reads:

Step 3: Put the Binder on

You can put it on like a sports bra - 

If you’re unable to squeeze your head through like this, fikar not! Swipe for method no. 2

The card shows a person putting on a binder in an alternate way. They put their legs through the binder as though it were a pair of shorts, pull it up, and then put their arms through the arm holes.

Text on the cards reads:

Step 3: Put the Binder on

If you’re finding it difficult to pull the binder on (they can be quite tight on first wear), use the method below - 

If your binder has zippers or hooks, remember to fasten those after you’ve put the binder on.

There is an illustration of a person’s chest, with one nipple facing downward. The other nipple faces forward.

Text on the cards reads:

Step 4: Adjust Your Binder

Once your binder is fitting snugly, adjust your chest to your comfort to avoid saans ka phoolna.

Make sure that your nipples are facing forward and not pointing down. This can obstruct blood flow!

Binding Tip: The way your breasts fall naturally when you’re lying down on your back is the ideal way to position them in the binder.

There is an illustration of a person’s chest with one breast covered by kinetic tape, the other nipple covered by tissue.

Text on the cards reads:

Wearing a binder for long periods can get uncomfortable (and is not the safest). Some people who want to bind for extended periods prefer to use tape! Here’s how - 

You can use any tape made to wear on skin. Most people use kinesiology tape (aka athletic k-tape). Do not use duct tape, plastic wrap or any sort of stretchable bandages used for muscle strain. 

Make sure that the tape is not creased. This can pinch your skin and cause chafing.

Use baby oil to remove the tape. Let the oil soak into the tape, then slowly peel it off. 

There is a person wearing a binder with their arms raised towards their head in contentment.

Text on the cards reads:

Tips to care for your binder and your body!

The card has illustrations of a waistcoat and a flannel shirt. 

Text on the cards reads:

 Gharelu nuskhes for when a binder is not an option -

The card does not contain any illustrations.

Text on the card reads:

Where to buy a binder in India?

Here are some places to reach out to!

 Some of our resources:

 Robin Holdaway’s YouTube channel 

 Transgender India 


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