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Dilbadar: A Dating Manifesto Minus The Bad Advice

Putting the pleasure back in online dating!

Arre, dilwalon! Doesn’t most bad dating advice that tells us to not be ourselves in order to find love, fun, and sparks, seem to maintain duniya-walon ke gender stereotypes? Can a woman-first and queer-er dating world question these puraane expectations and shake up old equations?
If we stop playing the games ye-olde dating fundas tell us to play, can dating become more fun? Where self-love goes hand-in-hand with consideration for others! Where our confidence to be ourselves gives us the confidence to be vulnerable with each other! Where dating feels like a joyful rom-com starring you as yourself, not a tiring game that requires you to hide, ‘adjust’ ya strategise!
Daters of the world, unite! Out with duniya-walon ki bad advice. Let’s bring in newer ways of loving that let us be ourselves while being mutually nice! Agents of Ishq and Bumble India present an exciting new manifesto for a new dating world...
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