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Winning Memes for a Theme This #MasturbationMay !

A shortlist of winners

Good people of the Internet, this month, in Masturbation May, we had a request for you. Masturbation is something people simply don't talk about enough, and when they do, it's usually about masturbation among guys. But we know that girls do it too! And they love it just as much! So here's what we requested from you: lend us your memes! Let's talk about it, laugh about it, and make it normal and everyday.
Masturbation is plenty of fun, sure, but we decided to add some more fun to it by hosting a contest, with prizes for the winners from IMbesharam, India's largest sex toy store.
Here are the winning memes!
From Ratnabali - on the theme: Me, When I First Masturbated. This won the bumper prize!
We had 3 runners up for the other prizes!
The memes kept, um, coming from our friends at The Ladies Finger, (apparently that's what ladies fingers can do ;) )  and we had the hardest but funnest time choosing these as winners:
From Special Agent Madame G also on the theme: When People Say Women Don't Masturbate (this was the most popular theme by the way, which pleased us no end).
On the same theme from Akriti this very much exsqueeze me say what??
This piece of cuteness from  aka Stylish Gambino
And final, last warning on the theme: When People say Women Don't Masturbate, from Faiyaz!
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