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Bhushan & Savitri's Sexy Saturday Lavani's

Anything that excites or arouses us, is sexy!

Lavani flirts with you, seduces you, gives you an open challenge, makes you long for her, makes you vulnerable and makes you aware of the vulnerability of the artist – it surely exemplifies the feeling of being sexy. It hits you in your heart and it hits you hard!!

1. Karbhari damana

Akanksha Kadam creates magic on stage – the way she does her footwork, sings and interacts is just amazing – she is one of the rare artists outside sangeet bari who sings herself and performs. The song is full of double meaning – it’s a blacksmith couple. The nayika asks her husband to go slow as her body is drenched with sweat. After a while, she tells him that now its heated up properly, and he shall strike it again and again and hard – and so on and so forth.

2. Naar vanyachi

Maya Khutegaokar is another diva of lavani.  It is actually because of her that we got attracted to this art form (hers was the first live lavani that we had seen – and it hit us hard). She also sings well although in this link someone else is singing for her. Naar vanyachi is a plain lavani – the type is called chhakkad since it has 6 words in each line and 6 antaras – chakkads usually are done by 2 ladies and they talk about social issues – but this one simply describes a woman and her daily activities.

3. Main Kolhapur se aayi hoon

Love it since its by our old time favourite Madhuri Dixit.

4. Bharla Aabhal

Madhu Kambikar is one of the few sangeet bari artists who made it big in Marathi cinema. This is a lavani from a Marathi film ‘Ek Hota Vidushak’ that introduced 10 new lavani numbers – all fresh and very melodious. This song is our favourite although we don’t like Kambikar’s performance so much. Our artists Geeta & Pushpa perform on the same song much better than what you see here. Here the nayika describes her extremely sensitive state of mind.

5. Bai Mi ladachi ga

This is by a Tamasha artist Mangala Bansode. This is a different style than sangeet bari. It resembles Nautanki from North India so much – raw, crude and very item numberish. The song uses metaphor of a kairee (raw mango) for the lady.

6. Rajasa Jawali jara basa

One of the few lavani songs that is sung by Lata Mangeshkar. It is a very typical lavani tune, many old lavani numbers are rendered in this tune.

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