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Condom Kaand

A workshop souvenir turns into a nightmare for a 20 year old NCC Cadet when his mother discovers it in his bag. Curious about what happens next? Listen to his audio podcast to know about his condom kaand, and how it influenced his future knowledge of sex!

A 20 year old NCC Cadet attends a Red Ribbon workshop where condoms are distributed. The boys don't really know what they are for so they blow them up like balloons and fool around. He leaves with one souvenir condom in his bag. Some time later, while rummaging through his bag for change, his mom finds the condom. Even though he clarifies that he only has it because it was distributed at the camp, she gives him a solid lecture. Terrorised by this, he feels like he can share any sex related questions and thoughts only with his friends. Years later he realises that most of his sex knowledge that came from his friends and was full of random and incorrect facts. He wishes he could have learnt about sex from someone who actually knew for real.

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