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Oh Darling...Kiss is India!

A map of India with the word for 'kiss' in every official Indian language!

Some people say The Kiss isn’t part of Indian culture.
Our Censor board thinks it shouldn’t be shown in Indian films.
The police and moral police come down hard on those who partake of this simple form of PDA – leading to the amazing Kiss of Love campaign.
But we figured – if the kiss wasn’t part of Indian culture, would there be a word for it in every Indian language? Was there in fact, a word for kiss in every Indian language?
So, Agents of Ishq crowd-sourced this list of kiss words in different languages. It doesn’t cover every Indian language of course — but covers all the states at least.
So here is Oh Darling...Kiss is India! Map with a key to help you learn to say chumma in Hindi, paapi in Marathi, boso in Gujarati, haami in Bangla, muthu in Tamil, kudi in Garo, fawp in Mizo – and when in doubt, you can always go xoxo or make do with mwah.
The border colours match the language in the key:
index in blue
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