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Abhishek Anicca takes over as AOI Guest Editor for October!

A month on sexuality and disability curated by writer, poet and founder of Dislang Mag on AOI

Writer, Poet, Founder of Dislang

We at Agents of Ishq have been speaking about sex and bodies for the last eight years, using the inclusive frames of emotion, experience, desire and pleasure rather than just boxes of identity. These frames have organically enabled a diversity of identities and experiences to enter the narrative on sex, bodies and gender on an equal plane. Together, with this community wisdom, we have been able to co-create a radical, true-to-life conversation on sex and sexuality in India.

At AOI our effort has been to push the envelope and challenge ourselves as lovingly as we can. So, we are here with a new stage in our co-creation: This month, October 2023, AOI is excited to announce our first #AOIGuestEditor - Abhishek Anicca, writer, poet and founder of Dislang.

What do sex, sexuality and gender roles mean when your body is not a normative body? And how do the experiences of disabled folks actually challenge the idea of ‘normal’ and provide a radically different way of looking at the world to include all kinds of people?

During this month, Abhishek brings to AOI this radical perspective through familiar AOI forms: personal stories from the community, their dating experiences, society pe sawaals - questions about gender norms, a peek into the films that talk about disability, unknown histories of ishq from the disabled community, tharki poems by persons with disabilities, and lots of dating and masturbation tips.

The posts will be available on our site and our social media feeds.

Do join in and expand the conversation and join us on this exciting journey!



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