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Songs About 'Doing It' : Sexy Saturday Songs by Deepika S

Love songs about love and romance using fancy metaphors are cool – lots of people love them, no question. But songs that articulate desire powerfully and without beating around the bush can also be really great, without sacrificing craft and nuance. If you’re into it, sex can be awesome, sex can be fun, so why not get straight to it – even if it’s only in a song?

Let’s Get it On  by Marvin Gaye

This is my No.1, hands down. It’s a song I loved, paradoxically, from the very first moment I heard it as a pre-teen who thought sex was gross. It has Marvin Gaye asking a woman to have sex with him. It’s smooth and seductive, maybe even a teeny bit humorous and self-aware (how else do you explain those opening wah-wah-wahs), and it’s an earnest plea for sexual openness.

Some twenty years on, I’ve learned more about the context of the song and Gaye’s life – I find it hard to separate the song from its story, and my love for the song, and for Gaye, has changed in some ways. But it’ll always be a special number to me.

Push It (Salt-N-Pepa)

Did you ever notice that it’s a guy who does the “Ah-gasp-push-it” and not always the girls? That suddenly makes it not-so-hetero, and it’s hard not to love this song anyway – so much of it has to do with the two rappers themselves: their kooky demeanour, the serious and jokey energetic dance moves, and overall exuberance. They’re slightly aggressive, maybe a little funny, and so very sexy.

Come Over (The Internet)

Everything in this song is ridiculously sexy, from the bassline to singer Syd’s voice to Syd’s jawline and slender waist (thank you, crop top). It starts straight off with teasing seduction and promises to “turn you on/ with my dirty mind” and moves on to lyrics that will have you melt into the floor:

“We can play Simon Says
Or watch TV in bed
Wake with the sunrise
Sleep in it’s alright
Ain’t even gotta sex
Mmm but, I know what you like
Can I come over, come over?”

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