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Not-So-Textbook Techniques For Erogenous A-B-C-D

Practical lessons to master the art of touching Erogenous Zones!

Erogenous zones ki jaankari tells us what the body’s sensitive spots are. But yeh toh theory lesson hai. What about the practicals boss?
First point - remember each body is different and while some sexual things are commonly pleasurable, sex is not a Ctrl-X, Ctr-V business.
And next point - here are a couple of DIY, body-type-no-bar cool techniques for erogenous explorations and learning.


The Curiosity Connection

Don’t assume you already know another body - getting to know someone means being curious. about the body and spirit of someone, playfully and mutually finding what feels nice, meh or no-way to different people. So imagine that as part of touching and sex.
Think of erogenous zones as alphabets spread all over the body, mind and heart. How you put these together in desire could make for a sizzling essay or shararti sher-o-shayari. Bole toh, with conscious effort and practice you can learn all you want about your zones or your partners’ and enjoy sex beyond intercourse.

Body Mapping: Hand-made naksha 

Simple self-exploration by touching one’s naked body in different places, with varying pressure, rhythm, temperature, and patterns, to feel and understand better the sexually sensitive zones. This technique acknowledges that different strokes (like different hand-writing) work for different folks in different places.
Did you know - people with multiple sclerosis, who experience a decrease in sexual sensitivity, find the technique helpful to identify arousing zones on their body. And maybe it’s a gentle post-trauma re-entry into sexualness too?

Sensate focus: Thoda erotic, thoda therapeutic 

60’s ke mashhoor sex researchers Virginia Johnson and Williams Masters developed this sexual therapy technique that centers attentive body-listening.
Hold your partner with their back to your chest and legs intertwined with yours, and gently touch them everywhere while the partner being explored concentrates on their breath and relaxes. Then the partners switch. You can also try this together in front of a mirror to learn each other’s preferences.
Psst: Studies show that we often touch our partner where we would ourselves like to be touched on the body.

Masturbation tips:  takneeqi tuition

When you discover the things that make you feel good, you will be able to guide your lovers better and be a better lover to others. Here are a few fun tips to try while masturbating.
Treasure hunt- feel your way to your clitoris- pearl-sized part where the lips of the vulva meet under the hood. Full of nerve-endings, it can give you a lot of pleasure if you stimulate it. 
Play ball- A gentle massage to your balls while rubbing the penis can add to your masturbation experience.
Get-a - head- If you play with the head or corona of the dick, be prepared to orgasm faster.
Darbadar- From your nipples to our knees, stimulate as you please. PS those ear-lobes are a khazana of sensations. And guess what? Boobgasms exist.
Is it lit or is super lit? Chalo, now go make some excitement and take some notes, whatcha waiting for?
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