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On Monday we asked agents on Twitter to give us three words that describe their first sexual experience. The responses varied. Some made us go ‘aww’ others made us giggle and still others made us nod in rueful recognition. But as responses kept coming through the day, a pattern emerged.
About 50 people responded on Twitter and Facebook. Their answers can be categorised as below.


52% of first time experiences seem to have been underwhelming, disappointing or confusing.
57% of these responses were all some variation of - “Was that it?!” All of these were women - orientation unknown. 23% of the responses were more on the stoic side, sort of “I’m sure it will get better, right?” That’s the spirit.

2. Mmmm

17.5% of the respondents had  first experiences that made them go ‘mmmm’, sigh, uff. Their responses were sighs and cries like
  • Time sl---o---w--l--l---y pu---- l--su--a--t---ed
  • I am LIT
  • Do that again!

3. Hurray!

For 5%  the first experience with making whoopee made them go wheee! Some of their responses were:
  • Terribly emotional, really happy and 'wow' - done it, finally!
  • Just did it #NIKE'D' if you know what I mean

4. Yuck! 

25% people did not have great first experiences. Some were unhappy while some were just embarrassed. We really hope it got better for them with time. Here are some of their responses.
  • Beizzati ho gayi (That was humiliating)
  • This is painful!
  • End of conversation
We think what we learned from the responses is this. Movies and popular culture put too much emphasis on The First Time because often they link it to virginity. The first time can be special for some - more so if they’re prepared, if they’re going in with full awareness of their own desires and are really ready for it as well as have some sex-education. But it can also be just the first step in a long, progressively exciting journey.
Busting the myth of the first time being like a soft-focus, phoojhadis and shooting stars slow-motion extravaganza could not only make sex better, it may help us approach our first time with less drama and more conscious desire so we can keep warm and ishq on.
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