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First Times, February and Hindi Kavita at The AOI Conversations

Highlights from the Hindi open mic at AOI Conversations this February.

It was our first time,  Agents!
AOI did it's first Hindi poetry open mic at The AOI Conversations this February.
While spring and love were in the air outside, inside, our heart-shaped fairy lights were twinkling and glowing as 8 poets performed their poems about first times for us - first love, first marriage, first glimpse, first No-Strings-Attached relationships...
Here are a few highlights.
Jasmine Khurana had us sighing and laughing with her poem on her old school love-cum-arranged marriage in that Time Before Tinder - although it was clear ki time kabhi bhi ho, opposites always kinda attract.
Ankush Srivastava's poem Woh Benaam Barish was about how you suddenly fall for a stranger after one glimpse - on the Bombay local, in that zyada romantic Bombay monsoon!
Ayushee Goshal's poem dared to express all those feelings we think are not cool, and so, pretend we are not feeling when we have one of those it's simple but complicated " No Strings Attached' relationships. It was bold and it was liberating (and it was a super poem).
Harshit Anurag's poem was short, delicious and deadly - ek lachari, ek khuddari/ishq ki do badi beemari. Know exactly what he means na?
In a surprise test our host Neha (whose poem Kiss Ek Kavita has been featured on AOI before) gave the audience a topic with full Valentine's feels: Gulaab. And only ten  minutes to write it.
Here is one poem by audience member Pooja Pande - for the person who is giving indications but not saying anything only.
Psst.. Our founder Paromita Vohra also wrote a poem in the Gulaab Challenge. Here goes.
मेरे drawing room में 500
सफ़ेद गुलाब थे
तुम्हारा email आया
सारे ग़ुलाब लाल हो गए
It was an evening of clicks and claps and awws and ways - a whole lot of giggles and laughter +  chai-samosa and the special AOI cookies,the source of which is only revealed to people who attend the event and ask us in ishqiya andaaz. Here are some glimpses.
The AOI Conversations is a monthly event organised by Agents Of Ishq. We have conversations, activities and workshops around the themes of love, sex and desire, on the second Sunday at Kala Studio, Khar West. Look out for our upcoming events on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts. 
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