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Mera Waala Sex Toy

All that we want our sex toy to be. Advertisement is ready. Product ka intezar hai!

There is a picture of Sridevi in the upper-left corner of the card. A teal-coloured vibrator forms the central illustration with a genie forming its head. The entire card has a vintage ad-feel.

Text on the card reads:So sexy, so pleasurable, just feeling like a wow!

If there was a...

Jo Hukum Vibrator

A sex toy that gives you what you really want from sex! Your personal genie that licks, sucks, strokes, bites, penetrates - anywhere you wish!

Mr India Mode:

Invisible & Silent 100% privacy from nosy relatives!

Ji Huzoor Mode:

Learns what you like. Extended foreplay?


Dirty talk?

All of your manmarziyaan satisfied!

Mann Dolly re Dolly Mode:

Blows up into a doll to give you cuddles galore!

Mr. Hot Secretary Mode:

Schedules STD checks, reminds you to use condoms, & even to get your HPV vaccine!

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