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The AOI Masturbation Shayari Contest 2023!

The shayaris just kept cumming and cumming!

Agents! This year's annual Masturbation Shayari contest was made a resounding hit by your kabhi steamy, kabhi sad, kabhi spicy, kabhi glad poems. Variety ki koi kami nahin! We received almost a hundred poems submitted by 48 participants in multiple languages - Bengali, Urdu, Kannada, Marathi, Gujarati, Hindi and English! Here's a select few of the entries we got, including the prize-winners who win vouchers from Manzuri, a sexual wellness brand!

Our FIRST PRIZE goes to a Purple Heart's sensual pulsating poem in Kannada!

Our SECOND PRIZE goes to Soumendra Majumder's playful shayari in Bangla!

Here are a few sexy and sansani poems that get a SPECIAL MENTION in this years #MasturbationShayari contest!

Your shayaris never stopped cumming, Agents! Here's a few more #MasturbationShayaris from some talented Agents from this years contest.

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