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Khullam Khulla Pyaar Karenge: India’s top PDA Spots

 We’ve all been told that ishq farmana is a private affair: that had to hold all it’s operations have to be strictly behind closed doors. But what to do when we have too many feels that we can’t conceal! India is full of spots that are popular for making out secretly-khullam-khulla. Maybe we create them because we need a place where we can express our love away from the folks at home.  Maybe it’s that we don’t want to feel self-conscious when showing we just need to display our affection to our partner. Maybe sometimes when it comes to PDA - yaniki Public Display of Affection - we just can’t help it! We asked our agents to tell us the hottest PDA spots in of their towns and cities. Cinema Halls won in the Twitter poll, but seasides and lakesides were very popular (people even provided us with the names of best beaches and the best times to show some love)! You can find what people told us in the storified conversation here. So in the spirit of learning (...Geography...that’s what we’re learning...) we made a beautiful Map of India, using, what you told us about your city and it’s best places for PDA.  

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