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From Blues Music to Lesbians on Bikes: The Queer History of the word Daddy

On Father’s Day, a quick peak into the origins of the word and its butch history

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English text on cards: DADDY:


In the 1920s and 30s, black women and lesbians would refer to their partners as Daddies. The top driving forces (Pun Intended) of this fame were Blues music by queer singers -


"Shave "Em Dry" = Having rough sex with someone

"Here's one thing I don't understand, Why a good-looking woman likes a workin' man, Hey Hey, Hey, daddy, let me shave'em dry...Goin' downtown to spread the news, State Street women wearin' brogan shoes"


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English text on cards: BIG DADDIES ON BIKES!

After WW2, gay veterans needed to chill and build community. Biker clubs became their favourite adda. Yahan shuru hui, Daddy slang ki kahani in the gay community.

Their dress code: ek chutki chain, ek chamach of rugged persona aur dher saara leather!

In these clubs, the older men who were open to exploring kink participated in "Daddy-Boy dynamics. The older men in relationships with younger guys were called the Daddy!

This was the origin of the "leather daddy" as we know it today.

P.S. These relationships were not always sexual, it was also used for mentor-mentes

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English text on cards: WHO'S YOUR BUTCH DADDY?

In 1991, San Francisco held its first-ever Dyke Daddy contest. Six contestants, two emcees, and an "incomparable dance strip", ne kar daala audience ko hot and hoavy! The event raised almost $1000 for cancer and HIV aid.

The winner was B.C. Clive a personal trainer, bodybuilder, and musician!

"I don't think Dyke Daddies are a fad. I think it's a facet of women's sexuality that's finally come to the surface. 'Daddy' is a lot closer to who I am than 'Mistress."

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English text on cards: Kaise laga aapko yeh Daddy ka nugget?

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