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Sexy Saturday Songs: Are You a Geeta Dutt Girl?

She sings to men, not for them.

By Umang Sabarwal
I am a Geeta Dutt girl. Or I think I really want to be. Geeta Dutt is a guroor-wala sexy that I just find incredibly attractive. She sings to men, not for them. Her duets with Mohammed Rafi make me want to fall in love, so I can say to someone – Hum aapki aankhon se neendein hi uda dein to?
She is confident and playful, wittily showing a new perspective to men who seem to be whining about everything from the sad state of the world to the city, life and love. And she does so with great candour. 
A Geeta Dutt girl flirts with her chin up, challenging her partner to work harder. Dutt herself has a sense of humour that comes through her very voice – the voice of someone who has a mind and desires of her own. Even in sad songs, she stands her ground. That’s what I find so attractive: that strong sense of self that doesn’t crumble in any situation. Here are some of my favourite songs by her.
1. Hum Aapki Ankhon Mein is Dil ko Basa Dein To (Pyaasa, 1957)
In this fantasy/dream sequence from one of Guru Dutt’s most well known films, more than the fog and the glitter on Mala Sinha’s face, it’s the beautiful banter that makes this song dream-like. This song is melodious and romantic, and I love the way Geeta responds to Rafi’s overtures with a naughtiness and repressed laughter in the “toh?” I wish we had more of this playfulness in our amorous adventures. 
2. Jaane Kya Tune Kahi (Pyaasa, 1957)
In this song she is smiling and wise at the same time. But oh, you know that huge grin you get when you meet someone you really like? That’s what she has here when she sings, “Baat kuch ban hi gayi.”
3. Sun Sun Sun Zalima (Aar Paar, 1954)
Do you want to know the difference between gussa hona and roothna? Just listen to this song. She is saying “ja, ja, ja” but it’s only for now, na! 
4. Ae Dil Mujhe Bata De (Bhai-Bhai, 1956)
You know how many of us have the default reaction of playing a song in our heads when something happens to us? This is a “I have fallen in love” kinda song. Just see how Shyama dances across the room by herself. Oh, joy!
5. Babuji Dheere Chalna (Aar-Paar, 1954) 
I love the teasing undertones in this song! It warns you of the perils of love while seducing you into it. Love is full of deceptions, warns Geeta Dutt, when she sings:
“Ho gayi hai kisi se jo anban
Thaam le doosra koi daman, 
Zindagani ki rahein ajab hain
Ho akela to lakhin hai dushman”
And when she sings the refrain, “Haan, bade dhoke hain, bade dhoke hain is raah mein,” you can’t help but be convinced. 
6. Jaane Kahaan Mera Jigar Gaya Ji (Mr. and Mrs. ‘55, 1955) 
I think banter is extremely romantic! In this song from Mr and Mrs 55, we see flirtation, teasing, and a woman who seems to be partaking in the flirtation not by rejecting the advances, but by making the other person work a little harder. I wish we could learn to be this smooth. 
Baatein hain nazar ki
Nazar se samjhaungi
Pehle pado paiyaan
Toh phir batlaungi
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