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Do You Know How to Give Women Orgasms?

This app will teach you how and we got some Agents to try it out!

Well, if you don’t yet, there’s hope you can learn! And learning takes... practice. And we found a game that seemed perfect for practice. It’s called La Petit Mort or A Little Death which is a pracheen angrezi euphemism for orgasm. So we sent some agents on a mission to get some people to play the game and tell us what they learned.
Here’s how to play:
  • Download the game to your phone.
  • The game has 4 different vulvas, each with a different name and a different personality. Choose one.
  • Stroke the screen this simulates stroking the vulva. The screen will light up and emit sounds to let you know if you’re doing well, badly, or meh giving pleasure, causing discomfort or just missing the mark!
  • You may succeed with one vulva, leading to an orgasm. But the same strategy won’t work on the the next one because they are all different and you have to figure out what works. That’s how it is in life too - you have to feel your way by paying attention to a response and remember, everyone is different.
This is a great game whether you have female genitalia yourself or have a partner who does.
What did those who played the game learn about women’s orgasms and how to ace the pleasure project? Watch the video to find out!
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