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Hugs in Many Languages, From Us to You!

Have you ever been able to say no to a nice warm hug?

Have you ever been able to say no to a nice warm hug? We certainly haven't – not in any language! A hug holds so many emotions and expresses so many relationships. So here's a giant Jadu ki Jhappi, from us to you!
Here's a gorgeous poster full of hugs.
Want to spread the love? Here's how you say the word 'hug', across India:
Tabbiko – Kannada
Kolakuli – Bengali
Pottonche – Konkani
Nalmot – Kashmiri
Baaki, Bhaakur – Sindhi
Galbahiyaan – Bhojpuri
Mithi – Marathi
Aagosh, galay – Urdu
Jhappi pa, galay – Punjabi
Katti Annaithal, Anaippu – Tamil
Gakki – Derewali
Kareja se sat ja – Bajjika
Bhetvu, aligana – Gujarati
Kaugilinta – Telugu
Alinganam – Malayalam
Jhappi, jammke lapatna (a tight hug), mili-mili (a simple way of saying hugging when talking to little kids – Hindi
Bukut – Axomiya
If you'd like to add to this crowdsourced list, please mention your word for 'hug' and the tell us the language that it's in, in the comments section below!
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