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This Month on AOI: What Kind of Woman Would You Like to Be?

We're finding new ways of thinking what it means to be a woman

March 8 is International Women’s Day, and perhaps you find yourself jaded – like many of us feel sometimes, with all the women’s day offers by companies and restaurants and clothes shops and jewellery stores that turn it into a commercial event each year that has little to do with the power, the history and the feminist imagination the day symbolises. One of the many ways to be true to the day’s purpose is to celebrate diverse feminist imaginations – new ways of being, new ways of engaging with the world, and new ways of thinking about what it means to be a woman.
This month at Agents of Ishq we will bring you many different stories of how women think of the present and the future – of their bodies, their sexual choices, their possible lives and desires. For some it means examining one’s relationships with lovers, friends, oneself, and one’s body. Sometimes it means examining one’s religious beliefs, and perhaps shaping new deities altogether. Sometime it also means expanding who you might think of as being a woman, and creating accepting, inclusive and participatory communities. Sometimes it means demanding that the law and rights affirm freedom and autonomy.
From 17-year-olds defining their dreams of their adult selves, to 60-year-olds loving their grey hair, get set to meet our dazzling March-wale agents of ishq!
March Sneak Peek:
  • A new instalment in our Sex Ett comic series, in which a young man asks about liking older women
  • Why do women fake orgasms? A young woman reflects on why she felt the need to fake them in relationships, and how she has tried to change that
  • Artist and curator Jaishri Abichandani talks about making goddesses that she would like to see
  • A series of videos with young women about their aspirations
  • A poem about menopause
  • A graphic personal narrative about being the queer woman one would like to see
Happy Women’s Day, Agents, and here's to celebrating the many different ways to being a woman. We’ll leave you with a biting and funny feminist song!
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