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Iss Fantasy Ko Main Kya Naam Du? A Chart of Spicy Fantasies

So are you into Daydreaming or Dendrophilia?

Sexual fantasies are pretty exciting, completely normal and good for the brain, since they allow us to explore our sexuality and enhance our sexual pleasure in a space that’s super safe – our imagination!
Although we often use the words fetish, preference and fantasy interchangeably, they mean different things!
A fetish is sexual excitement in response to an object or body part that’s not typically sexual, such as shoes or feet. Sexual preferences are particular sexual interests and arousal patterns, like foreplay, or different sexual positions. Fantasies can be anything ranging from fleeting thoughts to mental imagery to storytelling that is sexually arousing or erotic.
Fantasy originates from the Greek word ‘phantasia’, which literally means ‘to make visible’. And besides making them visible in the imagination, some people also like to express them or enact them in art.
Here is a pocket dictionary of different types of fantasies:
1. Daydreaming or Dimaag ka Pornhub - The sabse common form of fantasy is, well, fantasising, because sometimes the clouds are the nicest place to keep your head in! While we have little control over what we dream about when we sleep, daydreaming is an intentional drift into imagining a scenario. It is like holding up a mirror to our desires and fantasies. A blue movie directed by the mind, for example, can flood you with arousal and be a great aid to masturbation.
2. Roleplay bole toh Erotic Adult Theatre for two or more – Do you dream of being an international spy caught in a cell with a sexy detective? Then roleplay is definitely your jam.  Roleplay is very much like playing an explicit adult version of “make believe” where two or more people adopt roles and act out a fantasy to add spice and exciting variety during a sexual act. Popular examples are doctor-nurse, teacher-student or chor-police. But there is no fixed catalogue of roles in roleplay, since it is totally fueled by your dirty-delicious imagination. All you need is to find some props or create fake accents. Remember, most importantly – stay in character!
3. Cosplay Sex aka fancy-dressing for sex or Dress to Undress – A lot of people fantasize about having sex with Thor, Khaleesi, Harry Potter or Chikni Chameli. The word ‘cosplay’ is a Japanese portmanteau yaaniki combo of the words ‘costume’ and ‘play’. Cosplay sex is having sex while dressed up as a character. While roleplaying is more about pretending to be a character, cosplaying is very much about being that character. You're not only dressed up as that character, but also enact that role from foreplay to climax. Cosplay is a great way to celebrate your fandom in bed, or to feel closer to your favourite character!
4. Yiffing – A kind of cosplay, some people enjoy dressing up as furry animals and create their own Fursona bole toh animal character like a dog, cat, bird, or even mythical creatures. People or furries express their furriness by wearing animal ears/tails, fur suits, making art with fur or by roleplay. Sex between furries is known as yiffing.
5. Erotographomania - That’s a dhaansu word for sexual pleasure and arousal from writing down sexual fantasies, desires and urges in the form of erotica, love letters and songs.
6. Fanfiction - Enamoured by their favourite films, TV shows and books, fanfic writers who wish their favourite fictional characters were embroiled in steamy relationships concoct stories to fulfil that fantasy. Sometimes Harry and Malfoy can fall in love, Raj can turn his attention away from Simran to a new character – you!, or a full-fledged story for that random side character who was so bloody hot!
Doujinshi – Fanfiction, but from Japan, Doujinshi writers create kinky pairings of existing manga or anime characters and redraw erotic stories of them.
7. Wet Dreams aka Dream Sex - Dreams are a way of our subconscious mind to communicate with our conscious mind. So, when things are not going as planned in reality, the subconscious mind tries to play them the way you would have wanted them to go. Wet dreams or sleep orgasms are dreams of having sex with somebody like your crush (or your best friend!). It is like being in an X-rated version of the movie Inception where we are the Leonardo Dicaprio of our sexual fantasy world.
8. Allorgasmia -  When you feel sexual arousal or reach climax by fantasizing about someone other than your partner. It doesn’t always mean you don’t want to be with your partner, plenty of people share such fantasies.
9. Dendrophilia - Dendrophilia or arborphilia is sexual attraction to trees. One might want to have sexually stimulating contact with trees or idolize them as phallic symbols, or both. So if you pine (ahem!) for trees and want to rub up on that bark, you might be a dendrophile
10. Vicarphilia - Vicarphilia is getting sexually aroused by hearing stories about the sexual activities, experiences and behaviours, of people who live glamorous lives like celebrities, sportspersons and other influential people.
11. Zelophile/ Zelophilia - If someone else hitting on your partner or even the thought of walking in on your partner having sex with someone else makes you horny, then you are a zelophile, and probably enjoy a little jealousy and shock.
12. Kokigami aka “Cock-igami” - A Japanese art form, Kokigami is origami for adults where people wrap their own or their partner’s penis with decorative paper to make a costume such as a dragon or a goose or use silk threads and ribbons to enhance sexual pleasure.
And of course there are many more! The realm of fantasy is a sanctuary in your mind where you are free to float in whichever boat you like. So, have sex with Gong Yoo or your best friend or their girlfriend, dress up as Captain America or Shaktiman – fantasy ke world mein no judgements, only pleasure.
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