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AOI's hot new guide on Erogenous Zones and where to find them!


You know that ‘woah, woh kya tha’ feeling from an accidental or intentional touch in an unexpected part of your body - that sansani sensation that seems to travel from the one spot which was touched to all sorts of other places?

Yep. That sweet spot, agents, is an erogenous zone.

Ero.. what? you say?


Accha! How to find these sexy spots? Got a map of Erogenous Zones?

Waise toh our whole body is a potential erogenous zone. Because the body is a system of nerve endings - sending signals to the brain in response to different types of touch, temperature, moisture vaghera. The places where nerve receptors are concentrated can send signals which make us relax, have sexual fantasies, arouse us sexually or even cause us to orgasm. Here’s a zaroori funda, if you are looking for those sweet spots, in yourself or others.

“Touch is not yes or no; it's very rich, and now we're starting to understand how all those inputs are processed"

says David Ginty, a professor of neuroscience. In other words, touch, like many things about us, is a spectrum. A sensation can vary on a scale of mithi si chubhan to prem agan depending on: Anatomy - concentration of nerve endings, thin-ness of the skin, hair (follicles are surrounded by nerves) Circumstances - location, attraction, physical comfort Context - cultural acceptance of types of touch, the moment Relationship  - attraction, involvement, consent, level of intimacy Individual - everyone’s body is differently sensitive and their association with types of touch varies too  

Got it! Now tell me where to head to for those sweet sensations?

Erogenous zones can be genital or extra-genital, matlab in various parts of the body.  Erogenous zones can be specifically associated with sex, for example, the breasts or the genitals and touching them is almost always considered an act of sexual intimacy. They can also be non-specific - matlab, pleasure ka tone might change depending on the context, relationship or moment - whether you touch your child’s cheek or your lover’s, the meaning and the effect are very different, even though the zone is the same. So, if you’re looking for erogenous zones on the rich landscape of the body, you could be like an insta-happy tourist - heading to all the known and popular sexual zones. You could be a sincere traveler - willing to head to some less known but classic pleasure-centres of the body. Or you could be a committed sexplorer, attentive to signs, communication and the unique geography, history and culture of each individual body and self.  Chalo, let’s go!   In part because of the hard-wiring of our nervous system, and the high concentration of nerves and tissues in those areas and in part because of the publicity system of porn, popular culture and padosiyon ki charcha, some erogenous zones are considered the hot-spots of a sexual visit.


We often use the word ‘vagina’ for the external female genitalia but the word we’re looking for is Vulva, which rhymes with Jalwa. It includes a range of differently sensitive but famous erogenous zones.

 Vagina Villa

Between patriarchy’s obsession with penetration, reflected in mainstream porn and innuendo makes us think that the vaginal tunnel is where the erogenous concentration is at. But in fact, it’s the lower third, around the entrance that’s really sensitive and great for hot and gentle touching. So, please, let us lay the manic, aimless finger thrusting to rest, shall we? 

C for Clit-eracy

The eighth wonder of the world, this is the only organ in the human body whose sole purpose is pleasure! It has over 8000 nerve endings - double of those in the penis - and packed into a far smaller area! We see and feel only the pearl sized portion, but it extends like a wish-bone inside the vulva creating valvalas with the right touching. Unfortunately not enough sexual maps mention it (duh, female pleasure?) but find it you must!

The Labia 

The labia majora or outer lips are usually fleshy and hair-covered. The labia minora or inner lips are typically smooth and hairless. They are not highly sensitive but do respond to appetiser touches, swelling gently to indicate readiness for arousal.

G Marks the Spot

G se G-spot, but also G for ghumshuda. Scientists are divided on the existence of the G-spot, and where it is, if it is, while some think it’s just an extension of the clitoris. Reportedly, it’s about 5-8 cm up the vaginal tunnel and feels spongy--like the  tongue--and if stimulated can create tehelkas. However, some women don’t seem to have it, but you’ll know it if you’ve found it is what they say. 

Penis palace

We think of the penis as one thing, judging its length, girth, erection etc - yaniki a tool of performance. But yaar, it also has its own rich geography and varied sections in its pleasure palace.

The Tip of the Penis (Tip- tip barsa Penis)

The highest concentration of nerves is around the ridge of the glans, which is usually covered in foreskin in people who are uncircumcised (although circumcision or not, makes no difference to sexual pleasure). Meet the sweet spot where the head meets the shaft. 

The shaft, or the length of the penis 

Though it is the biggest part of the penis, it also has the fewest nerve endings and so, is receptive to firmer touch. The skin here becomes taut or soft with varying levels of erection. 

(Treasure) Chest

The chest is sensitive in so many different ways - from flat edge to the dome of the nipple - no matter our genders. Hair makes it even more sensitive, because each hair follicle is surrounded by nerve receptors. 

Breast of Luck

The entire breast or chest has the same number of nerve endings no matter its size - so bigger breasts need more stimulation on the breast area. The nipples are partially made of the same corpuscles as genitals and are incredibly sensitive - according to one study, nipple play enhances arousal for 82% of women and 52% of men. When stimulated, nipples release a rush of hormone in all genders that can even lead to the world-famous boobgams. Sensitivity in individuals can vary from barely-felt-it to O-M-G! so proceed in exploratory fashion.

Read My Lips

Most exposed erogenous zone and 100 times more sensitive than fingers. In fact, all of the mouth has more nerve endings than the genitalia. So do the math bit by bite!     Just like an avid traveller knows that popular doesn’t mean all there is to see, patrons of pleasure know erogenous zones are spread out and genitalia ke aage bhi jeet hai. Here are the body’s less advertised hot spots. (Vaise avid Bollywood watchers may know some of these from many a torso tehelka and thoda aur paas moments in movies.)

Lend me Your Ears

Delicate on the outside, packed with receptors inside, sensitive to whispers and sighs, breath and murmurs, with a lobe that loves to be bitten and sucked, the ears are an erogenous extravaganza!

Dial P for OMG

The word on the ground is that the P spot or Prostate Gland is where you gotta go for intense pleasure and powerful, full-body orgasms. Located around 2 inches up the rectum towards the belly, it feels a little like a walnut when you reach it. 

Friends with Frenulums

Penis ke neeche kya hai? A band of elastic tissue that helps the foreskin contract over the head. It is a surefire for some awesome feels from stimulation.  

Play Ball! The Scrotal Sac and Testicles

Got it in the nuts - that’s a phrase which firmly links the testicles to pain. But - the sac of skin - where the testicles hang- is just as sensitive to pleasure as to pain, with its fine skin and many nerves. The Scrotal Raphe - a thin vein that runs in the center of a man's scrotal sack (the skin around his balls) has massive potential for stellar sensation.  Warning - nerves surrounding the testicles (two oval-shaped glands in the scrotal sac) go all the way up to the stomach, so rough play may cause nausea. 

You Me An-us

The anal opening is choc-a-bloc with nerve endings, followed by the anal canal. ‘Rimming’ or anilingus / licking with tongue, kissing, fingering are a few ways to arouse this zone. Remember to keep it gradual and constantly check for consent and comfort before changing gears toward insertion or the toothy direction! Check our anal sex primer for more.

Perineum Pleasure

Perineum - that place between your genitals and the anus is the home of the perineal nerve. Isko chhu dala toh life jhingalala.

SRK Gali aka The Neck

Shahrukh lovers ko toh pehle se pata hai, but the neck - the nape, where your hair begins, the curve, the collarbone are soooo pleasurable a place, a string of quivery nerves. Psst- It’s so erogenous that playing and touching here can turn on women who have spinal cord injuries. Plus, it’s a low-key area that you can tease in public (if partner is cool with it, only!).

 Navel Base (and Lower Stomach)

Another spot Bollywood fans can claim to be ustaad of. The whole torso, including the sides of the trunk, are sensitive like that. The navel area is a great spot for some temperature play, so use an ice cube if your partner is into it.

 Butt mein hai Booti

 The body’s biggest muscle in our body is a power house of nerves - it’s booty in the real sense not the faltu sense! The place where the thigh meets the butt cheek, called gluteal fold, is a sensitive spanking spot and known to arouse men a great deal too! Give those bum hair a sexy sehlaav!     ‘But is there any laxman rekha of erogenous zones?’ you ask. There is a laxman rekha of consent, comfort and checking in, but other than that, each body is a wonderland, revealing its unique sensitivity and miracles of arousal to a committed, playful, open-mined explorer who doesn’t see sex as a package tour, but rather as a journey.

Bigg Boss aka The Brain

Trumpets! Here’s the erogenous zone with super-powers bole toh XXX-ray vision. Not only because it is the nerve centre but also because it’s the body’s largest erogenous zone as it connects visual stimulation to arousal. The sight of another person being caressed is enough to send telegrams of excitement from brain to body. So keep this baby happy and it will make you happy, baby. 

 Hair, There, Everywhere

Body hair can play a role in increasing sexual pleasure through sensation. Every hair follicle contains a nerve ending, and when you touch a hair, it sends a sensation down the shaft of the hair to that nerve ending. This nerve ending is located inside the follicle, not on the skin, so having body hair allows you to feel a whole extra range of sensation. Feeling instant shukriya- meherbaani for your body hair yet?

Pubic region detour

So, imagine the sweet, sensational shocks from playing with a mound of hair right above the pubic bone! Braazeel does not have to be the only song you can sing to the genitals, yaad rahe.

It’s Sacrum-ento! (Small of the back)

The triangle at the base of the spine is called the sacrum. The idea of touch coming from behind does half the thrilling for this spot. Plus the presence of small hairs contributes to high sensitivity here. Romantic movies mein there is all that knuckle brushing in the region - guess they knew something porn often doesn’t eh?


So much surface area, so close to the brain, and all the ways you can massage, stroke, pull hair, tap, and give literal head to your partner! Try making champi the new sexy routine!

The O spot

Feel it up along the back wall of the vagina, right under the cervix.

The A spot

You can feel this up along the front wall of the vagina, right under the cervix. The Ticklish Places  Places that are ticklish are also places that are sensitive to sexual touch. You have to calibrate so that sexiness is not replaced by hilarity. Some of them are:

Inner arms and inner wrist

The skin over the inner wrist is very thin- which is also why you can feel the pulse when you hold a finger over it.  To activate inner arm tingly terrain, slight figer-nails running through is enough for ‘thoda aur’ feels.


Gentle is the best way to tease this skin. Palm of hands and fingertips Hands and feet have a big share of nerves. Make one wonder how these are hardy known zones, no? Vaise the fleshy part of the palm is called the mound (tee hee) of Venus and now you know why.

 Behind the knee

A secret nook, not many know, full of many nerve endings.

Inner thighs

Being so close to genitals matlab special scope for feels. The crease in the thigh where the torso ends and the legs starts is a sweet, sweet spot for people of all genders. 

The Feet, Ankles and Toes

The inside and outside of the ankles are sensitive spots with many nerve endings that correspond directly to genital erogenous zones of the body; the vagina, penis, uterus and prostate. The reflex areas located just below the ankle bones correspond to the ovaries and testicles, responsible for helping fertility, increasing libido and improving sexual performance. The middle/upper part of the soles of the feet correspond to the chest and can send waves to the breasts and nipples. Plus, caress, massage, lick, suck so much to be done in one place!  

Thoda Trivia 

 In casual surveys some men reported they found these areas erogenous - the Thumb - because sucking it reminded them of blow jobs (but it could also be because the skin on the thumb is tighter and so, more sensitive); the Chin, and the Waist from the lower abdomen till right under the belly button.   That list of sweet spots was long and strong, but remember, there may be many places yet to know. Sex is a journey of delicious discovery, of ourselves and others. The erogenous zones are not just nerves ka design but in fact, testimony that desire is intertwined in the body, mind and heart.  

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