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Love Served With a Side of Mutton Sukka, Chicken Curry and Coconut Chutney

The impromptu meal Babasaheb Ambedkar cooked for friends and family

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Dr. Ambedkar's Picnic

Based on Savita Ambedkar's Book 

Babasaheb: My Life With Dr. Ambedkar

Dr Ambedkar standing in front of a car with a picnic basket in hand

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One summer day in 1950, Dr. Ambedkar received a special visitor - his dear friend Balwant Varale.

A plan to go picnicking in scenic Okhla was proposed. Dr. Ambedkar was a bit reluctant but his wife Savita and Balwant convinced him

Dr. Ambedkar and his gang in a car. Savita Ambedkar is driving it while Dr Ambedkar is looking at her fondly.

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What started as a party of three, kept growing as more people joined:  - Dr. Ambedkar’s doctor, his two assistants, a journalist friend, and their cook Sudama, all ended up in the car to Okhla .

Dr. Ambedkar and Savita talk to each other while a chest of spices and food items is in front of them.

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Once they reached, Sudama unpacked the samaan they had carried with them: spices, mutton, rice, ghee– ingredients for a hearty treat

Then Dr. Ambedkar decided he would do the cooking. 

(in blurb) “ You just keep watching and see what delicious stuff I cook.”

He ordered everyone out of the kitchen

Dr Ambedkar cooking in the kitchen. In a pot is a liquid that is boiling. In the liquid is a reflection of Dr Ambedkar, sweat on his forehead, a cloth on his shoulder. In the background, vegetables being chopped, spices being ground.

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Zor shor se cooking began

Meat was cut, spices were ground, onions were chopped

BLURB: “masala should be ground soft like butter…o fine that a person should not notice it even if it is put into one’s eyes.”

Picnic sheets spread on the ground. Dr Ambedkar is laying the utensils for the food to be served in.

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Finally a feast was ready. Sheets were spread out on the ground. The picnic was set!

Babasaheb and his friends are seated on the sheet. Everyone is enjoying the food, merrily. Babasaheb is feeding Savita from his hand.

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Savita blurb: As the meal progressed he would look triumphantly at us and ask:

Ambedkar: So, how is the cooking?

Others - sundar banavlay! subhanallah, yummy, lajawab

The meal is done. Half-empty utensils lay as everyone lays on the sheets, taking a nap.

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The meal ended merrily to make way for some ZZZs.

A plate of food all hands reach out to the food piece in the center in such a way that it looks like Ashoka chakra.

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Sharing food

Sharing warmth

Sharing friendship

Change the world

Celebrating a politics of love, comradeship and equality, on Ambedkar Jayanti

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