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Leeza Mangaldas's Sexy Saturday Songs

1. Touch my body by Mariah Carey

First of all, I love pop music. Hopefully you do too. If not, you'll just have to deal with it throughout this list.  This song is all about female desire - she knows what she wants, she's unafraid to ask for it, and she knows how much pleasure she can provide as well. Plus the fact that the refrain of the song is "Touch my body" gets straight to the point if you're listening to it with someone you want to be intimate with.

2. The Kygo remix of Ed Sheeran's I see fire

The rhythm and sound of this track has just the most relaxing, soothing effect. It's tender, but with Kygo there's always a sense that the party is just around the corner- and that's a nice way to go about things when you're feeling sexy- soft, slow, tender- but always with the potential for some major fireworks.

3. Bamboo Banga by MIA

This is a song that's so frenetic in its tempo that it's perfect for when you're feeling a little crazy - and passion can certainly make you feel more than a little crazy. It's an audacious, fast, in-your face song, and it can be quite a fun challenge to keep up with it when you're in the mood.

4. Sweet Talker by Jessie J

This song captures the excitement of when you don't know where something will go but you just know it has to happen. This is perfect listening when you're feeling reckless.  Plus Jessie J's husky voice is super sexy, and I like conversation to be part of the situation for sure- "Talk to me, oh yeahhhh"

5. Pillow Talk by Zayn Malik

This is a song for one of those nights where you and your lover intend on getting no sleep at all but you need a little break in between all the action to catch your breath- when this one is playing just hold each other close and enjoy the feel and the scent of each other’s skin.

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Leeza Mangaldas is a TV Presenter currently hosting the ISL on Star Sports and Luxury Time across the Times Network.

Co-ordinated by Preksha Malu.

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