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Misogyny, terrorism, and incels- a history of the no-fap movement

Founded in 2011, the no-fap movement is now a full industry with influencers and rehab centres, lacking only in scientific data

Adam and Eve naked standing under an apple tree. Adams penis has a lock on it. Both are holding on to an apple that reads ‘temptation’. A poisonous snake that reads ‘internet’ is biting an apple Eve is holding in her other hand that reads ‘porn’. On the tree there are apples hanging that read ‘desire’, ‘Lust’, ‘Fantasy’ and ‘pleasure’

 Masturbation, The Internet and the Ajeeb Dastan of No-Fap

April 1999: An artist called Clay published a series of webcomics. The word 'fap' made an appearance.

"I took the sound effect verbatim from another comic called Heartbroken Angels."




By 2002, Fap was the go-to slang for a go-to activity of the internet: masturbating to online porn.

I must resist!

Temp- tation

Fap had arrived. Could No-Fap be far behind?

 In 2011, a US-based web developer, Alexander Rhodes, stumbled upon a 2002 Chinese study online.

100% Authentic Study made in China

A week abstaining from masturbation =

45% rise in testosterone*

Rhodes hil gaya

Testosterone Good. Masturbation Bad.

Mitron! Don't masturbate! Give up porn-addiction! Control your life!

The No-Fap movement was born.

*That study later proved to be fake. But by then...

A logo of the no fap organisation, Pictures of meme characters, a picture of Alexander Rhodes holding a book called ‘your brain on porn’, a James Bond 007- 0 porn 0 masturbation 7 month nofap meme post.

TEXT ON CARDS: Alexander Rhodes started a website

NoFap Get a new grip on life + a subreddit group of "fapstronauts

Soon he was joined by Gary Wilson, founder of your who had done a viral Tedx Talk about

Internet porn is a hazard for men's brains.

"Porn is addictive.

"It can lead to brain fog!


It causes erectile dysfunction.

It can EVEN change what you're sexually attracted to!"

No fap targeted what they called PMO - Porn. Masturbation, Orgasm - as dangerous addictions

They call me 007

0 porn

0 masturbating

7 month nofap

*Scientists or doctors consulted? Zero. Phir?

A reddit web page of user 1 and user 2. A computer screen with porn hub and an arrowing pointing upwars on screen, a computer screen with a person flexing their muscles and an arrow pointing upwards, a computer screen with an arrow pointing downwards and a figure crying.

Young men became fervent believers and advocates,


hat what's new controversial top saved

Just hit two weeks labstaining!.. IMO we all have the capacity to be energized, focused, and productive. PMO, however, eliminates our desire to be this way, which is why it is so toxic to our wellbeing.

Ever since I have made this change. I feel almost zero social anxiety not even that subtle anxious feeling in my chest. I have more of an IDGAF attitude. Girls approach me more now.

They turned to No Fap for different reasons.

Porn hub


Stock Market

Some were wrestling with guilt about porn and masturbation.

Some were struggling with being able to meet women.

Some with the anxiety of how to be a 'real man in a fast-changing world.

No-Fap seemed to offer a quick-fix. Then, things got political

A picture of Gavin McInnes and Alexander Rhodes together. Two shirtless meme male figures, flexing their muscles with locks on their penises. 

In 2016, Rhodes did a guest appearance on a talk show. The host, Gavin McInnes gave Nofap a huge shout-out.

Thank you for coming on the show <3

I never cum...

but for you i will <3.

Future head of alt-right men's group Proud Boys


+ Suddenly No-Fap became intertwined with a right-wing world view, bole toh masculine and racial supremacy.

Proud Boys:

Alt-right extremist group. Islamophobic. Anti-trans. Dembers cannot ejaculate alone more than once a month.

Feminism has ruined society and made it impossible for men to find women!

Porn is just another way for women to shamelessly use their bodies to take financial advantage of men's biological weakness!

No Fap wasn't the first time in history that semen was seen as the HQ of masculinity

greek figures with giant penises, desi wrestlers from Akharas working out with penises in their hands.

 Many cultures have seen semen and controlling it. as the path to an aspirational masculinity.

"In men the nature of the genital organs is disobedient and self-willed, like a creature deaf to reason, and it attempts to dominate all because of its frenzied Lusts." 


"A wrestler must not only abstain from sex he must also build up his stock of semen and ensure that once built up it is as potent and strong as it can possibly be."

-Joseph S. Alter on akharas

How is this aspirational masculinity defined?

A man sitting on a throne with a woman sitting below him stroking his chin. 

“Male vulnerability stems from common features of the male role that reinforce the notion of being a big. virile wealth, power, sexual potency and social dominance.... the ability not only to attract but to conquer women, sire many children. man: a and control material and social resources through dominance man”


'rational', not con- trolled by desires and emotions,

therefore the right chap to be in charge of the world by dominating Wothers

yaniki women, queer folks.

people of other races and castes.

To give in to desire

weakness->lesser man->to be dominated ->anxiety -> bachao! No-fap bulao!

pictures of three chickens getting strangled. A picture of alexander rhodes and shirtless characters standing together in two rows. 

Today, some estimate that No-fappers number over 350,000. There are no-fap influencers, coaches and rehab retreats - all charge-$$$. And right-wing, anti-feminist no-fappers who won't stand any criticism.

Critics of the movement have pointed to the science around masturbation - it is a mood booster coz orgasm releases endorphins.

It provides protection against prostate cancer. It also helps us know our sexual selves better leading to better partnered sex.


No-Fappers have horassed critics with misogynist and antisemitic slurs. even death threats. Rhodes himself has sued scientists, media outlets and well. his mum.

Heil No Fap!

But what about the people who say it makes them feel better? Or cured porn addiction?

a snake with a yellow blurb

Nicole Prause, who studies sexual science through a neuroscience and physiology lens. has researched so-called porn addiction and found no scientific basis for it.

Researchers have found that those who were drawn to abstaining from masturbation were often people with lower trust in science, and higher conservatism and religiosity.

"If you feel guilty about masturbating, you could get some personal satisfaction from_overcoming the urge to do it." (aka no-Fap)

-Urologist Joshua Calvert, M.D

Adam under the apple bit the pleasure apple. His penis has semen spraying out of it that reads ‘its ok’. On the tree there is a snake and other apples that read ‘lust’, ‘desire’, ‘fantasy’. 

Religion says sex is dirty. Internet makes porn easy to find. Culture says men should be in control. Gender and sexuality equations are changing. No-Fap may be a complicated response to all this. But is there a simpler way to deal?


"Maybe the argument shouldn't be about changing the tendency or frequency of masturbation, but more about improving understanding and attitudes towards sexual behaviour."


Daniel Kelly, Professor of Biochemistry. -

Sheffield Hallam University

fan- tasy

And masculine anxiety ke liye? Maybe it works to focus less on being a guy and more on becoming a person?

In pleasure we confront our human selves. Our human selves


plea- sure

It's ok!

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