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My Sexy Sapna - Poems from the AOI No.1 Masturbation Fantasies Contest

Our tradition of #MasturbationMay Poetry Contest was celebrated dhoom dham se as Agents revved up and sent in their most lingering, throbbing, juicy, woozy Masturbation Fantasies in dizzying diversity and dazzling variety of poems. These poems sure shook the lock-down blues!
Here's showcasing the dreamiest ones - there were so many it was painfully difficult for us to narrow down the winning entries who would win Gift Cards from our lovely prize sponsors I'm Besharam. But tan tan tara these are the......

TOP THREE - Taliyan!

English Translation + Bonus audio reading

(Translated by Ruchir Joshi)
You know how we are, right? We always feel love in surplus and find it hard to stick to the boxes. So we chose 3 more we loved for special mentions. No coupons, except for lots of ishq from us.

SPECIAL MENTIONS - Kuch toh khaas hai!

And here are some more that we felt you have to read because fun is better when it's shared na.

Maddening Mix - Jaadu, Nasha, Madhoshiyan!



After a sniff and lick

Say wingardium leviosa

Best student? Tick!

And he knows how to finger

Wear the invisibility cloak

But keep wand visible

A magical bathtub soak

And slide among the bubbles

A friend from another house

Joins in on the freesome

Fully soap and water doused

All that's left is to cum.

by Sreepoorna



These days in the dull of afternoons,

when the house is asleep

and I'm by myself (again)

I find myself craving;

The light touch, of wind blowing.

The musty sweat, of a hot hot day.

The smell, of wet soil. 

Moist cloth, clinging.

The tickling under my soles, when I step on trimmed grass.

Much like the other tempests I cannot bring to bed, I am consumed by my fantasy - of the great outdoors.

Images of my past self, out in the world with no fear, pacify me. 

Someday, soon and surely so.

Until then, locked down with my desires,

I find myself turned on by the day I'll finally be let out.

Oh the places I'll go, that day - and the things I'll do.

by Adrita Das



Hum tum saath ho, ek kaali si raat mein;

Kisi sunsaan rahon m, ya kisi bus station mein;

Baithe ho tum paas m, yun to anjane se;

Lekin tere sanson ki sisak ne, keh diya h is diwaane se;

Ki tum hi to ho wo, jise roz ye aankhen dhoondti thi in anjani rahon mein;

Mere hath nhi ruke , aur jaa pade tere jangh pe;

Phir kya tha ye nazren to teri hi ho gyi;

Duniya to yaad rahi nhi, bas tum aur teri aankhein;

Phir tere honth mere hothon se sil gaye,

Aur mere ungliyan,tere ghane baalon m kahin kho gye;

Tere hothon k nashe m, pta nhi humne kya gunah kiya,

O musafir pata nhi kon the tum, jisne mera ang ang bhadka diya

by Shubham 



Midnight knock

Specs off, lights out

Pyjama unstrung, timing my lung,

Naked, messy, wet she points to the prize,

Gesturing me to train my eyes,

But my mouth starts working the folds or her underskirting,

Inducing pleasure, as I pluck each pleasure string, with my tongue, 

She’s undone, so is my thing,

I’m soaked in the aftercum of my dream.

by Latim Naahsi



Quick, shut the door, lock it!

Before somebody asks why you need privacy. 

Hurry, you know where the book is. 

Fourth in the stack from below. 

Page numbers 36, 95, and 164.

Rough and hard pillow in my crotch.

The bed and my breath are in sync.

Shh. Somebody's here....

Slow down, open your legs. 

After you've caressed your skin all over. 

Not yet, let your clit wait.

Savour the touch of your fingers

Tracing your lips, nipples, and hair. 


Hot and thick wetness in my crotch.

My fingers and moans are in sync. 

Louder. Let them hear.

by Aditi Qrur



the ear-worm from last night

reminds me that i have been touched 

on a car bonnet in the heat of summer

worn out under secret sheets

by cocoa as dark as my desires

a fever in my chest of fantasies fulfilled,

even those that got away.

i’ll savour those for another ear-worm,

an infection for another day.

by Magnolia



As the darkness settled over the silver of sand

I waited with bated breath for the familiar smell

The desert costume was silk against my skin

The kohl in my eyes heightened the sensuality of the wait

There I Could see in the distance as he rode

The horse, The turban flying

As he came closer, the scent engulfed me like the dessert wind

I could see his chest raw through the black overall

He unmounted the horse

I longed for him to mount again

But not the horse

I recoiled myself inside the tent from his piercing gaze

He made swift moments, his overall ensemble

Flowing away from his racy determination

He found me against the window in my niqab

Our eyes met. My hand was swiftly moved away

To my back arching it

As he demanded I submit to him.

He bared my niqab and my soul

It was a synchronicity that we were both

In jet black attires against honey colored skins

The cold steel of his dagger held against my chest

And his warm deep breath on my neck

melted me onto him, the rapture intense

His hand searching my body for something

And I just wish he never finds it

Keep searching lover..

by Sneha Mallya

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