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Nayan Matakka: The Eye Candy Sexy Saturday Songs

I love candy, especially when it’s eye candy.

People like to scoff at beauty saying, uff, it’s only skin deep.  But really, isn’t this a kind of inverse snobbery. So many things are beautiful in the world. The sound of a voice, the turn of a phrase, a phrase of a dance, the bite of wasabi, the sting of a chilli, the mood of a poem, the connections the intellect can make. And the body. People’s physical beauty.

And yes, there is so many kinds of beauty – not only the steroid driven, one size squeezes all, kind. And there is also just classical beauty. The act of enjoying physical beauty can be simple, pleasurable, liberating and affirming. It doesn’t have to be oppressive. The act of looking and being looked at is arousing and joyful and sometimes enough in itself too.

And looking at people looking at each other in movies is every kind of eye candy satiation joining every gaze – the male, the female, the straight, the queer – in one glorious gaze orgy.

So here’s an eye candy sexy saturday songs – of people enjoying each other’s eye candiness and giving us an eyeful as they do.


Sanjay Bhansali as a director is the owner of the eye candy megastore. But he never did do it so well and so simply and so lovingly for the female and queer gaze as in this song – for which all khoon maaf to him. Youth and beauty, boyishness and thoda girliness, graceful muscles and at the, er bottom of it all, when there are translucent materials envolved, the eye will look to see na? My eyes have seen this hazaar times on youtube. On another note what happened to you ya, Ranbir Kapoor?


Vinod Khanna, the icon of formidable masculine beauty and self-contained sexiness, just passed away. This is my favourite of his songs – not because he’s half clad, he was that in many songs baba. But because he so enjoys looking and being looked at, drinking up and being drunk up by lover’s eyes. Everything feels breathless and helpless and blushing and fun and sexy in this song.


In THIS recent piece that appeared on this site, an artist talked about how all appreciation of beauty involves some amount of objectification. Why not then liberate ourselves by self-objectifying, by celebrating the body for the body instead of hierarchies of brains and body? If you don’t know how – you only have to ask Madhuri Dixit, and dancing invisibly inside her body, the inimitable choreography of Saroj Khan. Madhuri as a woman totally aware of her body because of lust for another’s is not someone you can take your eyes off. I can’t anyway.


This song is a very light hearted enjoyment of other people’s beauty – their curves and mischief and the energizing effect of looking at them. It also has an excellent candy reference of sorts – ‘tera chakkar chala jalebi” accompanying Anushka Sharma rotating her hips makes you think of all the sweet, soaked in syrup, dripping, concentric nicknames one could find for parts dicussed in this quiz , this was a nice one indeed.


The greatest eye candy celebration of them all – Rani Mukherji burning up with love-lusht-double-kasht at Prithiviraj’s yummy beauty is a the last word in gazing on beauty by other beauties. We don’t mind either na. But I also end with this one because it’s all about how one of the senses is never enough when it comes to the love-stuff. This song is all about the smell of the candy as it this way comes. As one sense gives way to another, so does one thing lead to another and then aga bai, allah bachaye re.

Have you got a favourite eye candy song? Tell us in the comments!

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Paromita Vohra is a filmmaker, writer and antakshari player. She is also founder and creative director of Agents of Ishq.

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