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The QKNIT's Sexy Saturday Songs

The QKNIT curates their favourite songs on the theme of 'young love'.

1. Moh Moh Ke Dhage (Papon)

Talking about songs related to first loves, this one tops the list because of its meaningful and unique lyrics. The movie Dum Laga ke Haisha beautifully portrays a unique love story, and the song is full of compliments.

2. Sanu Ek Pal Chain Na Aave (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

This song perfectly describes how difficult it is to spend time without the person you love. When it's time to say goodbye even for a few hours, you start missing them the moment you part ways.

3. Main Jaha Rahu (Rahat Fateh Ali Khan)

"Kehene ko saath apane ek duniya chalati hai par chupake is dil main tanahai palati hai." This song is a pure masterpiece. It showcase that though you may have had to leave the love of your life, their memories remain intact in your mind and heart. Even though you have moved on, their place cannot be taken by anyone else.

4. Main Rahu Ya Na Rahu (Armaan Malik)

First love is magical. Everyone has a special corner in their heart for their first love. This song says that even though you may not be together with your first love anymore, you still have a magical bond through which you remain connected. 

5. Laakh Duniya Kahe (Ram Sampath)

It is not necessary that your loved one be physically present with you throughout your life. Sometimes destiny has weird plans, but your love for each other is what keeps you connected. "Tumane choda hai kab saath merathaame aaj bhi haath mera,Koi manzil koi reh gujar hoaa bhi tum mere humsafar ho" That explains it all.

6. Mera Mann Kehne Lagaa (Ayushmann Khurrana)

Love is one of the most beautiful human emotions. Everyone should fall in love at least once in a lifetime. This songs talks about almost all the feelings and thoughts that one gets after falling in love. 

7. My Heart Will Go On And On (Celine Dion)

The most powerful message which one should get from this song is that, no matter how difficult or miserable the situation is, one must keep breathing for the love of their life. Like any other thing death is also a part of human life, but it shouldn't end the love; you should live by embracing your love for each other.

8. Saiyyan (Kailash Kher)

"Main na jaanutu hi jaanemain toh teri tu hai mera"These romantic lines depict the intensity of first love. Everything else becomes meaningless when you are with the one whom you love.

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The QKnit is a LGBTQIA+ collaborative working for creating awareness about queer life in India. 

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