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Sexy Saturday Songs by Rasika Duggal

1. कभी नीम नीम कभी शहद शहद (Yuva)
In a winning combination of a song composed by A R Rahman and picturized by Mani Ratnam, this song is special because it's so lustfully loving (or lovingly lustful). In a perfectly romantic version of the everyday and mundane - love and lust, man and woman, the physical and the intangible are in a continuous child-like game with each other. It is the most perfect blend of नीम and शहद. Perfectly bitter sweet.

2. All that Jazz (Chicago)
A stage with a spotlight is anyway sexy to me. And with Catherine Zeta Jones singing about painting the town red, there's hardly a chance that this would not make it to my list of sexy songs. I almost feel like Renee Zellweger standing in the audience everytime I watch this one - rapt with awe and desire and more.

3. Kajra re (Bunty और Babli)
Pitched as an 'item song' in the film Bunty aur Babli. I thought this was the loveliest Mujra-isque Qawwali that pop-culture could have. The song stars Aishwarya Rai looking absolutely gorgeous in what I think is one of her best performances. But the eroticism of the song lies in its lyrics written by Gulzar. The true winner for me was the use of english words in Shayari (आँखें भी कमाल करती हैं, पर्सनल से सवाल करती है) - in acknowledgement and celebration of the way we use language these days.

4. आज जाने की ज़िद्द न करो
In Farida Khanums magical voice this song has the quality of strong desire accompanied by the sense of impending physical separation which only makes the desire so much more potent. The overriding feeling when I listen to it is ' हाय मर जायेंगे, हम तो लुट जायेंगे'

5. ये कहाँ आ गए हम (Silsila)
Capturing a sense of love transporting the lovers to a completely different magical world where everything is a reminder of the lover or of their shared moments this song has a kind of obsession for love which makes it erotic. My favourite line : ये पत्तियों की हैं सरसराहट कि तुमने चुपके से कुछ कहा है

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Rasika is a day-dreaming bhangra -loving Punjabi who is absolutely in love with her work and only regrets being an actor once every month when she has to pay her bills.
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