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Queer Kisses On Screen From 1958

India has shown queer intimacies on screen for decades. Here are a few snapshots

A picture of Nirupa Roy and Nishi Kohli kissing each other from the film Chalbaaz 

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Bollywood Ke Queer Khwab

Sometimes a hint, sometimes playful... Movies have shown queer intimacies in many ways.

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 Hema Malini and Parveen Babi get close to each other on a boat in a song called khwab ban kar koi ayega 

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Movie: Razia Sultan, 1983

Weary from her worldly duties Razia Sultan (Hema Malini) rests in her boat, while Khakun (Parveen Babl) fans her worries away. The fans also close in as Babi leans in. Baki sab Imagination par hai

Nirupa Roy and Nishi Kohli share a kiss for the film chalbaaz’ poster

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Movie: Chalbaaz, 1958

What's the story behind this tender moment behind Nirupa Roy and Nishi Kohli from Chaalbaaz? We don't know. Sirf itna maloom hai ki Nirupa Roy was playing a Robin Hood-type character. But it has all our hearts!

In the video Sunny Leone and Sandhya Mridul make out over a truth or dare game

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 Movie: Ragini MMS 2, 2014

A Game of Never Have I Ever (and shayad strip poker and truth or Dare bhi?) leads to a lip lock between Sunny Leone and Sandhya Mridul. Dare we say someone lost on purpose?

Kalki kisses a friend while playing spin the bottle, in the trailer of the film Shaitaan.

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Movie: Shaitaan, 2011

When it's all fun and song, why not get extra cheeky? Yeh raha Kalki ka surprise for Kirti.

Two sisters share a random kiss in a Pakistani film called Neend.

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 Movie: Neend, 1959

This last one is from our neighbours. Pakistan ke Lollywood se. Sisters in the film. Noor Jehan and Neelo share a quick peck that quickly became historic!

A picture of three lips in different colours

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Do you know of other hints of queer intimacies in Indian films?

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