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Want to Talk to Your Kid about Sex and Wondering Where to Start? These Videos Will Help

How do I bring up the subject of sex with my very young child? When should I bring it up? What if I am uncomfortable talking about it? If you have these questions and more, this series of short videos with advice from Dr Sangeeta Saxena, Founder and Sex Educator at Enfold India, will give you handy, practical tips on how to go about it.
Do I teach my child to say ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’?
When teaching parts of the body, don’t skip over the genital area. If your child is very young and you feel terms like ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’ are a lot to learn, even informal ones like ‘susu place’ are fine – but don’t avoid naming them altogether.
How do I help keep my kids safe?
Teach them three very basic rules that will aid personal safety: keeping their private parts covered in public, avoiding touching private parts in public, and talking about private parts only with grown ups they trust. So what should you do if your child runs naked into a room full of people? Watch the video to find out!
What do I do when a steamy scene comes on TV?
Don’t stay silent and switch channels! You can talk to your child about the scene directly – you can say it is something two adults do when they love each other, but they do it in private, and talking about other people’s private business makes you uncomfortable. That way channels of communication remain open between you and your child – they’ll know that even if you are uncomfortable, you will still tell them about it.
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