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Worried About Pain in Anal Sex? Here’s How To Help Your Bum Get Over Introvertedness?

Tips for getting your butt to open up for anal sex

An illustration of a butt that has been drawn to look like a magical cave. A beam of light is emerging from the anus. An illustration of Ali Baba standing on a path leading up to it, saying, “Khul ja sim sim,” has also been drawn.

Text on the card reads:

How to open up your butt for some anal play.

Spells might work. But some serenading will definitely hit the right spot.

Here’s some tips-

An illustration of a butt from within which a beam of light is emerging. A hand with a finger held up, prepared to be inserted into the butt has also been shown

Text on the card reads:

Whether You’re Fingering Your’s Or Someone Else’s Bum, Remember

Like the vagina, the anus is very delicate! So start slow.

Figure out what feels good - how many fingers, how much pressure, what strokes.

Safety tip: Keep nails trimmed and check for cuts sores/bruises/open wounds on the penis, fingers, or in your mouth or tongue. 

An illustration of a clock, where the numbers 12, 3, 6, and 9 have been replaced by illustrations of butts with different facial expressions. 

Text on the card reads:

Everyone’s Timeline Is Different!

Getting your butthole played with is a new sensation. But, jaldi kaahe ki?

It could take hours, or even days, to get used to it.

Force ke saath dard free aayega unfortunately. So go slow. 

The more relaxed and aroused you are, the more masti you can have.

Toh ji, foreplay mein no time constraint.

PS: Don’t compare. Different people need different amounts of time!

An illustration of a butt, into which a tube of lube is being squeezed out. A beam of light is emerging from within the butt. 

Text on the card reads: 

Lube It Up!

Unlike the vagina, the anus isn’t self-lubricating. So, you’ll have to use a lot of lube.

For best results: Apply dher saara lube inside the anus and on the toy/penis!

An illustration of a finger being inserted into a butt. A beam of light is emerging from within the butt. 

Text on the card reads:

Start with thoda self-exploration

Finger your own bum!

Before you take someone for a tour in your house, it’s always best to know your house well, na?

Explore around and see which corners you like most.

Is there something that didn’t feel good?

What’s the spot that did it for you?

Try different levels of pressure to see what works too!

An illustration of a person licking someone’s butt. A beam of light is emerging from within the butt. 

Text on the card reads:

Try rimming

Bole toh, licking the anus.

The anus has many nerve endings. So, rimming (licking, kissing, sucking on or around the anus) can arouse you, relax your anal muscles muscles and get the anus to stretch a bit.

An ascending arrow that moves in a zig zag manner. The various up and down points on the path of this arrow have the following illustrations next to them, in this order: one finger; two fingers; a small butt plug, three fingers, a bigger butt plug, a strap-on dildo. 

Text on the card reads:

Order of levelling up:

(Recommended, butt not a must)

One finger -> Two fingers/Tongue -> Chhotu sex toy -> Three fingers -> Bigger sex toy [eg. mota butt plug] -> Strap on/Penis

Some use numbing agents, but it isn’t necessary and there is the fear of numbing the partner’s penis.

Illustrations of different butts, with different expressions on their face, with speech bubbles next to them, indicating that they are saying the quotes within those speech bubbles.

Text on the card reads:

Different tricks work best for different people!

Bodies itne alag jo hote hain.

“I like to get in a doggie position, with him directly positioned behind me. Then I like to slowly push back on him. It gives me control and is somehow easier for me!” - Reddit user

“For me it is all about learning to control my sphincter. Just like pushing to defecate, I learnt to push to allow penetration. I believe this is why so many find it uncomfortable because they are unconsciously blocking at the gate.” – Reddit user

 “Breathing in deeply while I’m being thrusted into and breathing out while the toy/penis is being withdrawn helps me and my partners establish rhythm and relax” - Loving Agent

An illustration of a butt.

Text on the card says:

Stay with us.

This month we are celebrating Anal Sex Sundays.

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