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Spice -up your kiss game with the Kamasutra

A guide from Vatsyayana himself on the art of being playful with your pritam

Card 1:

Image Description: Resembling a king and a queen drawn on a deck of cards, two people share a kiss behind two hands holding up playing cards. The queen winks with her right eye as she gazes at her lover, who leans in for a kiss. Four small, luscious icons of lips rise up between them, adding a touch of playfulness to this whimsical card. Two lip icons decorate each side of the card, enhancing the romantic and fun atmosphere.

Text on cards:

How to play the kamasutra Kissing game. A kissing bet with your lover 

Card 2:

Image Description: The queen throws off her crown and starts sobbing. 

Text on the card reads:

Aim: To reach your partner's lower lip.

Whoever gets there first, wins!

If the woman loses, she sobs and flings her hands,



and turns her face away.

If forced back, she starts arguing and demands another bet.

If she loses once more, she fusses twice as much again

Card 3:

Image Description:

If the queen is successful, she grins gleefully and says ‘Lololol’, ‘Loser’ and ‘Kitni buri kiss-mat’ hai tumhari

Text on card reads:

If the man becomes too careless and the woman gets to his lower lip.

she catchkes it between her teeth so that it cannot be extricated.


Kitni buri kiss-mat hai tumhari.

Then she gets to laugh and shout, taunt him, swagger and exult, arch her brows and roll her eyes, saying whatever she may please.

This is the kissing wager and quarrel. Where are the man's nakhras, you ask?

Well, where's the fun in that!

Card 4:

Image Description:

A similar image as on Card 1 is present on Card 4. The queen and king share a sensual kiss, with images of lips fluttering around them. Romance is in the air, and both partners appear happy!

Text on Card:

‘Averse from the Kamasutra aboul the game's vibe:

Do what is done to you. hit back if you are hit. and. in the same way. if you are kissed. kiss back.

(Khel Ke batao hame!)

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