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Love Like Lilies

We drank the same cup of tea, we are in the same cup of tea.

We drank the same

cup of tea, we are in the
same cup of tea. I pick the
fly out, us good to go.

The two of us, (a cat)

your romance, your love,
that’s that- I nod
“that’s that, our love”

A heart of roses. RO-SE-S!

none of them- I prefer lilies
to roses, white lilies, pink lilies,
no orchids, no carnations.

I still prefer Dickens to

Dostoyevsky, and deserts
to the shore- no drowning,
no more heights,

no conquests, the wind not

too shaky to throw us apart.
The mirage of a woman
disappears in the dunes,

she fades like the old woman’s

eyebrow and falls off the eyelash
I keep a count of. I swim across
the sea, no sea waves,

no titillating salt and

no naked men, in love
there are no sides, like war.
The woman in the epic said

“share it among you five”

I tell you; I don’t trust many
these days. If they ask you to
leave, you are the trap.

You at roses, to speak of thorns

and red; the whirl, you at the
spiralling game. Love not red,
nothing red about it.

It meets the preparation

before game, we never meet
between checkers. I might sing
the single for you to win.

The de-robe after the game,

before you tell me you
must walk off, that’s all
that I say about love.

Love like lilies in the sun-

the blazing day, simply lilies
at the place to board-
Love like, you, me-

The smiling men at the

regular bistro, the cat
leaping at our sight,

dogs do too!

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