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What is outercourse?  Why, it's the many ways of sexual pleasure available in the galaxy of sex of which intercourse is only one part.
Many people think sex is linear - foreplay -->intercourse -->orgasm.
But sex is actually kind of 3-D. Or 5-D - existing in the dimensions of all the senses. Outercourse, intercourse, asexuality are all part of sex human beings have. In sex it's about experience, pleasure, connection, enjoyment - not so much about goals. Playing together, not winning some race.
Outercourse is defined as all the sex that does not include penile penetration into the vagina or anus. That means a huge part of the sex galaxy! It can include: kissing, oral sex, mutual or solitary masturbation, erotic talk, using sex toys, fingering, frottage, oral sex, erotic massage, photographing each other naked and pretty much any other activity that turns you on.
Is outercourse the same as safe sex? It is relatively safe but not 100% safe so it's better to inform yourself - to see a good guide, click HERE
But safe sex is not the main reason to explore outercourse. Outercourse expands the meaning of sex to include all our senses and to how many ways and how much more we can pleasure them. As you learn more about your bodies, your sexual self and more about your partners - you might really start to see stars! This helps us talk about sex, and talking about sex helps us negotiate consent, pleasure, safety - everything you need to be an agent of ishq!
So scroll through this beautiful map of the galaxy of outercourse, created by Chitra Venkatramani for Agents of Ishq, to exlore some of the blissful options that await.
And since playing is a good way to learn stuff AND to get in the mood, we say Color me baby! You can download a colouring sheet version of this chart by clicking HERE.
Now that's what we call an ADULT colouring book!
Chitra Venkataramani is an anthropologist by day and artist by night. She has a particular fondness for maps and graphic novels.
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