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A map for anal erogenous zones and tips on what kinds of touch work

An artistic illustration of the space between a person’s thighs, including their genitalia and anus. The genitalia and anus have been covered by flowers. There are illustrations of hands touching the various erogenous zones in this area in different ways, such as grazing with fingernails, pressing/massaging, and fingering. There is also an illustration of a spatula spanking the gluteal fold. 

Text on the card reads:

Anal Erogenous Zones (and how to touch them!)

Inner Thigh

Breathing onto Skin 

- Kissing 

- Spanking  esp Gluteal fold (where the butt cheeks meet the top of the thighs)

- Stroking



- Grazing with fingernails, scratching 

- Massaging and Pressing  



- Licking

- Kissing

- Sucking

- Swirling tip of tongue across

- Fingering the prostate

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