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Mama Mia, Porn Porn! AOI Write Your Own Blue Film Contest Winners and More!

The porn scripts of your dreams are all here!

AOI ka Fires of Fantasy wala February just got hotter thanks to you, Agents! Your entries for the ‘Write Your Own Blue Film Script’ blew our minds.
Agents we are always learning from you - and the entries to the blue film contest taught us something very special indeed. The entries showed us that it is possible to be kaafi steamy, boldly sexy, detailed in description and unabashedly carnal, and have consent, safe sex, mutuality, affection, humour, fun and respect be a part of all the sensuality, uff!
Bole toh, porn does not have to be violent and objectifying in the most basic way, to be hot. So hats off to all you agents.
After much hot and bothered, sorry, we mean, heated baat-cheet, we decided on three winners. But there were so many others we loved. So here are some of the top favs. And more will follow in coming weeks!



Ukadiche Modak by Anuj

A neighbour, a snacc, a tyohar. Getting a bite to eat just got sexier. 

He loved them. Ukadiche Modak, they were called in Marathi. They resembled steamed momos with a white outer covering of rice flour and a brown, sweet inner filling. She had prepared modaks and brought them to the gathering wearing a white kurta. To him, they resembled her perfect, perfect nipples; soft, brown delicacies underneath the white covering. The previous Saturday, while waking up late on a holiday, was when he saw them through the window of his flat. She had bared it all in front of her mirror and was posing like one of those OnlyFans models. So captivating were her breasts that he didn’t even look at her navel much, except to notice a rich tuft of hair over her vagina. She had acted as if she hadn’t seen him. But he believed she did.
The modaks were so delicious, they got over pretty soon. She said she could make some more in half an hour, and asked, giving him a cursory glance, “Can someone lend me a hand?” He would have called himself a fool for life had he missed this chance. He immediately followed her to her flat. She didn’t look back even once while walking up. Her hand lingered on the walkway railing a little longer than usual. Only when she reached the door did she say, “So you liked them modaks. Didn’t you?” He stood there blushing. Not a word left his mouth. Breaking the magic her eyes had spun, she said, “Come on in, we have only got a half-hour.” He entered the flat after her. She ran to cover the window with the curtains.
As he looked around, he saw a plateful of modaks resting on the table. She turned toward him and asked, “So... want to taste them?” Within moments they were kissing each other, mumbling how much they wanted this. His hands reached her breasts. He could hear a moan escape her. He kissed her full on the mouth. She asked, “So, which one first?” “The one with the mole,” he replied. She blushed with wonder and opened the front buttons of her kurta to reveal her left breast. “Quite observant of you”, she said. He smiled and reached for her nipple, kissing the mole first while rubbing the nipple with his thumb. He then went for the nipple, savouring the taste, listening to her moan, as she ran her hand through his hair. Soon, she was out of her clothes and he out of his. He nibbled, licked, and sucked on her nipples cupping her breasts, biting them a little. She let out a sigh, held his face up, kissed him long and hard. His hand then reached her pussy. The hair he had earlier seen was missing from her crotch. “Someone came prepared,” he said. “I thought you’d like to taste all of me”, came the reply. “Oh, I would have done that nonetheless,” he said, and went down on her to taste a third delicacy in the matter of a half-hour. 

The Brown Bag by Ravi

Random encounter on train, is all about you can touch, but what happens when you look? 

Abhay – 24 and a cute looking gay man, pretends to find room for himself in the crowded train during peak hour traffic in the western line. He rests his back near the entrance and keeps his bag on his right side. Abhay prefers to stand than occupy a seat. He enjoys manly bodies touching him while they exit and enter the train, and their crotches accidentally brushing against each other. The thrill to feel sexual in a public space filled with men is a kink in itself.
At one of the stations, Abhay takes the position of the man who was leaning at the entrance. Suddenly, a man standing behind Abhay rubs his crotch on his ass. Abhay loosens the bag’s belt such that it covers his ass. The man moves his brown office bag to his left to cover his crotch. Abhay feels the dick growing and becoming hard. He does not turn to look at the man but enjoys the attention. Throughout the sexual encounter, the focus is on the crotch and the ass. The man caresses Abhay’s butt, gently moves his hand under his thighs and pulls him closer. Abhay moves his fingers to feel the dick, tries to unzip the man’s pants but fails. The man holds Abhay’s hand and guides him to do the needful. Abhay slides his hands inside the man’s underwear and gets thrilled to feel a hard, long, and thick girth dick. Just before the next stop, the man removes Abhay’s hand from his penis and zips his pants. In a matter of seconds, many leave the compartment. Abhay looks out for the man with the bag but is unable to find him.
For days, Abhay takes the same train, gets inside the same 2x2 compartment, and stands in the same position. He looks around with a hopeful eye, but no luck prevails. One day, Abhay notices a similar bag being carried by a person standing behind him. He turns around and gets ecstatic to find the man very good looking. The train suddenly halts, and the man falls on Abhay and apologises. Abhay responds with a smile and initiates a conversation, but the man does not seem interested and gets down at the next station. Abhay gets dejected. After a few minutes, Abhay notices a man in his 40’s standing next to him. He looks at the man in disgust and moves away a bit. After a few stations, the man gets down from the train carrying the same brown bag. 

Monster Under The Bed by Priyanka 

Hello from the Other Side 

It’s raining outside. After a few minutes, the power goes out. She lies down on her bed scared, closing her eyes. She starts feeling aroused. She wants someone to touch her very wild and squeezes the bedsheet with her fingers. Suddenly, she hears a noise and stops for a moment but she is too horny to look around. She looks up, she can see the fan. Then, she remembers the story her grandmother had once told her “Monster Under The bed”. She is afraid by the mere thought but she lifts her body from the pillow and moves towards the other end of the bed. She puts her hand down, into the hollow space between the bed and floor as if waiting for someone to hold it. Nothing happens for a few seconds but suddenly, she feels someone groping her hand. She pulls it up and it's the monster. He is very big, with long hair. His eyes are red, ferocious, and his body is like a wild bear let loose. The monster looks into her eyes, hoping that he would scare her but she isn’t afraid anymore.
She holds his hand tighter, pulls him towards her, makes him touch her soft and big breast by putting his hand into her T-shirt. She looks straight into his eyes. Now that he has touched her, lust pours in his barren body. He pulls her closer, she holds his hair with one hand and makes him grasp her boobs harder. He makes her remove her shirt, and they both get naked. He puts his wet and rough tongue on her neck and bites it. She feels like a hundred rivers are flowing in her body and bites her own lips. He then grabs her, holds her lips with his finger and kisses her with passion amalgamated with steaming desire. They shower every inch of one another’s body with their saliva.
They don’t want to wait anymore. His penis is bigger than ever and she desperately wants him inside her. She pulls him on her and spreads her legs wide open. Biting her lower lip, she holds his penis with her hands and penetrates the penis into her vagina as closes her eyes with utmost pleasure. He starts pushing himself deeper and deeper into her. For more vigorous movement, he holds the bed with one hand. She moans in pleasure, scratching him all over his back. Listening to her moans, he starts losing his mind and does her harder and harder. She lifts her head, kisses him and makes him squeeze her breasts. They move into one another, they both moan together like they are humming a song. And finally he holds her, she bites his neck. They are curled like snakes and he fervidly cums into her. Her last moan, more erotic than the papeeha’s call for love.
After he leaves, the next morning, she tells her grandma, “Ajji, the monster under bed is real. Did you also meet him?” Grandma looks at her and smiles. 

The Edgers yaniki special sur-prize mentions that almost made it to the top three! 


Car Pooling by Zi

Reclaiming sunsaan sadaks and a little sweetness in the front seat!

I carpool with people who I can share my privacy with. Like this colleague of mine. Actually, he’s much more than a colleague. But most importantly, he’s a good human being. Sensitive, caring and logical; quite unlike my husband.
We left late from work that night. I was so tired, I slept off on his shoulder. His strong arm brushed against my heart mistakenly, while driving. It sent ripples of pleasure through my tired body, waking me up. I wanted him to do it again. So I slipped a bit further, pretending to be asleep. That worked. His hand kept rubbing against my heart. I realised the discomfort in his pants. That encouraged me to descend a bit more. And the moment arrived when his elbow tickled me where I wanted it to – on the peak of my hill. I shivered as he fiddled with the gear knob. Unable to bear it, I rested my hand on his. He swirled his free arm around me and tucked me in his armpit. Maddened by his fragrance, I swept my lips over to his neck and started sucking on it. My fingers involuntarily reached his zipper and caressed it softly.
Suddenly, the thought of my husband sleeping at home infested my mind and in a shock of realisation, I moved away from him. I looked at his neck. There was a huge mark of my liking on it. I apologised to him instantly. And so did he. That’s when I wanted him more. My husband never apologises to anyone. Instantaneously, I pounced upon him and took his lips into mine. He turned the car with a loud screech into the bushes along the road. Holding me by my nape he kissed me passionately, digging deeper into my soul. He pulled back his seat and I climbed over him, locking him in my legs. He gripped me by my waist and caressed it gently, only to drive me crazy. His hands found their way to my bare skin and I could no longer hold it in me. I ripped apart the buttons of his shirt and felt his hardened chest. By then, his hands had entered my top, and they gently squeezed out a loud gasp from my locked breath. In a surge of pleasure, I tore away his vest to grab the centers of his attention.
He moved his waist slowly between my legs. Before I knew what was happening, I was dripping like a dislodged faucet. I greedily freed his pride and wrapped my fingers around it. In no time his hands pushed up my skirt, and ravenously pulled down my brassiere. We then started rubbing our prized possessions against each other till our conscience succumbed to our passion. We made love to each other over and over again, till the lights of dawn spilled into the skies.
Now our car often gets lost at night, into those bushes along the dark and lonely road. 

Mrs.Lovett and Grayfin Serpant by Carnage

The Meethe Phal of Intezaar

It’s the anticipation that’s the best part. You know it’ll happen, you know he’ll be hard, you know you’ll be wet. But prolonging when it happens, that’s the fun part. The eagerness in my hands is making them tingle. The burning itch in my toes is making them curl. The impatience in my mouth is making me salivate.
I can sense the blood flowing through his cock, coursing through the veins of my hands. His cock is like something electric, waiting to be strung. His balls are like enticing meatballs, hanging on to his spaghetti, waiting to be tasted. Delicious. Scrumptious. Spicy. My dick-sucking-lips will engulf his dickhead and be glossed with his pre-cum as it drips down my chin. It’ll leave a great taste in my mouth, and an even better aftertaste. And his nipples. They’re like big, red, huge cherries that I just want to devour. I can’t wait to press them between the tip of my forefinger and thumb. Just the thought of it makes me so wet, I’m almost moaning. I can see he’s turned on too; his nipples are erect. I can’t wait for him to be inside me.
I can see the veins through his throbbing cock. It’s stiff already. It’s just waiting for the engulfing warmth of my vagina; it’s going to tear it apart. He will rub the tip of his dick against my clit, up and down, up and down. Oh dear God, just the thought of it is making me groan with pleasure. Then his warm pre-ejaculatory fluid will drip into my vagina. This is going to be a hot mess I’ll have to clean up later. But who cares? The thrill of it is what gets me going.
His tongue will go up my vagina while his lumberjack hands slither up my body. His strong hands will grab my soft supple breasts gently but with determination. His worked hands, now on my body, treating me right, like I should be treated. Then the hands will come back down and he’ll slip in two fingers while his tongue steadily stimulates the nerve endings that culminate into my clit. I want him to make me so wet I’m dripping pussy juice from every orifice. I want him to feast on my pussy. I want to turn him on so much that his pre-seminal fluid runs out. And it’s time for the real thing. My vagina yearns to devour his dick like a wolf devours a steak. I want his cock to massacre the living daylights out of my kitten. I want his raging bull to butcher my china shop. I want his arriving to leave me in a breathless carnage.
And then once we’re done, he’ll go out for a smoke. He’ll come back to find me lying in bed sideways, inviting him back to cuddle. He’ll slip into the sheets behind me and I’ll feel his cock slipping into my sheets again. And it’ll be like I’m high. 

The Chamber of Secrets by Harshit

Pulp fiction: The Erotic Edition

Rohan was worried he had missed two extended deadlines for the paper submission. Will Prof. Dutta take it? The question lingered in his mind. It was 3 p.m. He opened the door of Prof. Dutta’s chamber and to his surprise, the professor was not there. Instead, his research scholar Wamiq was sitting. Wamiq noticed Rohan and said, “At last you’ve come. I’ve been waiting for you.” Rohan felt aroused. Why wouldn’t he be? After all, he had a secret crush on Wamiq. When Rohan saw Wamiq for the first time, he was beguiled by his beauty. That day Rohan and Wamiq shared their first kiss, so what if it was in a dream of Rohan. It was a beautiful day, the start of their love story. To celebrate it, Rohan jerked off to Wamiq’s beauty wondering when he would jerk off on him.
Rohan fumbled and said, “I need to pee” and left the room. He was in a quandary, whether to act on his feelings or not. He was worried. What if Wamiq was a homophobic prick? Finally, he overcame his fear and decided to do something that day. He entered the chamber and handed his paper. Looking at Rohan’s state, Wamiq replied, “Relax, I’ve convinced the professor to take your paper. So chill out. ‘Hidden Queer Expressions in Hindi Pulp Magazines’, interesting paper,” said Wamiq. “Yes, stories of Hindi pulp magazines always excite me. My fantasy is to be a character of such a story and what better scene than a professor’s chamber in college.” Rohan replied.
Wamiq stood up and Rohan got scared. “What have I done?” he thought. “Then should we enact a scene?” Wamiq whispered into his ears. Rohan’s eyes sparkled with exhilaration. He got up and locked the room. From behind, Wamiq engulfed him and kissed him on his neck. The kiss sent shivers down Rohan’s body. He turned around and their lips touched. In excitement, Wamiq bit Rohan’s tongue. “A clumsy kiss,” said Rohan and both of them laughed. Rohan began to unbutton Wamiq’s shirt and licked his hardened nipples. Wamiq moaned in pleasure. Rohan put a finger on Wamiq’s lips and said, “Shush, no one should hear us”.
Rohan sat on his knees, unzipped Wamiq’s pants, looked at him and winked. He pulled Wamiq’s pants down and was gazing at Wamiq’s huge bulge poking at Rohan’s face. He caressed the bulge from above, as he tried to remove Wamiq’s underwear, Wamiq stopped and said “I don’t have a condom”. Rohan smiled and removed the underwear, Wamiq’s dick was rock hard, he kissed the dick and said, “Not today, but soon we will enact romantic, sensual and saucy scenes just like in the pulp magazines”.

Sexual fantasies mein kya kanjoosi? The more, the merrier. Hai na, agents? Read on, read on!


The Host by Arnav Nanduri

An orgynal manual to self-help 

Tanya, 23, is an attractive, single woman who has just moved into her own apartment. However, the building seems a bit sparse in terms of its population, and she is constantly nagged by the feeling that something seems off. But she got it for a great price and couldn't refuse, when she took the keys from her landlord. In her empty apartment, she waits for the repairmen and handymen to arrive and handle the various aspects of setting up. Fixing lights, plumbing, kitchen work, all of that.
Things get very strange as every repairman or delivery person who enters her house turns out to be an extremely attractive male who whips out his penis. The plumber doesn’t know a thing about fixing pipes, but he sure has a nice big pipe for her. The guy delivering the couch brings an air mattress instead and is ready to get it on. The pizza looks disgusting, but the delivery guy has a big sausage. Even when she specifically asks for a female repairwoman, it turns out to be a very sexy woman expecting them to have sex but with no skills for the task she was called for.
This becomes a big problem for Tanya, who is just not able to get her house in order. The pipes are leaking, there is nowhere to sit, and she is very hungry. Finally, she gives up and decides to do it on her own. In a montage sequence set to inspirational music, over several weeks, she cooks her own meals, teaches herself how to drive, picks up supplies and furniture. Through the internet, she learns how to repair pipes, fix wiring and lights and setup the furniture. This sequence is a montage set to inspirational music.
When she is finally done, the house looks fantastic. Satisfied, Tanya cooks a massive spread and invites all the men and women who had come over previously for the various tasks. They have a long and wild orgy together, after which they share the delicious meal Tanya cooked.

Dil-do Dil-lo

Kabhi kabhi, keeping it fake can be fun too

She was rubbing the head of her cock up and down my vagina.
“A fistful,” I thought, “or is it a handful?” This doubt about the size of the object maddeningly teasing me, was mildly interfering with my sexual high.
It didn’t matter. What mattered was it was huge…impractically huge… comically huge. I looked at the woman looming over me. Her eyes were glassy, revealing how little of her remained in the mortal world. I wished to join her fully, unconditionally. I pushed myself up, and grabbed her shoulders. She understood what I wanted. She laid on her back. I bent down and kissed her inviting lips. I memorised every curve and ridge of her lips before inviting her tongue for a dual. Moans and grunts cheered us on as we fought for dominance. I held her lower lip hostage and suckled at it, as my hands explored the sides of her body.
Giving her one final peck, I sat up. I took an ice cube from the rum and coke she was sipping on and placed it on her right nipple. She arched forward and hissed. I bent down to take the melting cube between my lips and moved it across her chest… one nipple to the other. She was writhing under me, grabbing my hair and pressing my face harder into her flesh. Eventually I let go of the brittle piece of ice and blew on her hardened nipples, my eyes never leaving her flushed face. I slid further down her body and felt the obscenely long dildo hanging between her legs. Still holding her gaze, I held it up. Her eyes moved from the base of my stomach to the base of my throat…she was measuring the length of her cock. I lay it flat against her thigh and straddled it. She licked and kissed me anywhere she could, as my body moved against hers and my pussy moved up and down her massive cock. I was possessed by the frenzy of my own movements. In a matter of seconds, my eyes screwed shut, my body tightened, my teeth grinded and I grabbed her breasts desperately. My body fell unceremoniously to her side. She kissed me tenderly and picked up the cock strapped to her hips. I watched her lick my cum off it. She was loving that cock with her entire body. Her tits, stomach, neck, hands, face… everything squeezed, caressed, held, licked, and bit that cock.
She stared right into my soul and wordlessly took my consent. I licked my lips in anticipation. She stroked her cock a couple more times and gallons of cum flew from it and covered my entire being. She watched me like a predator as I rubbed the white creamy goo into my body. We spent hours in the remnants of our mind-blowing fuck, lazily exploring each other’s bodies. 

My Dream Come True by Rudraphile

From the streets to the sheets

“So, are you going to kiss me or not?” Rudra asked again, but this time with an intent in her eyes that I had never seen before. I was flabbergasted to no bound.
She pulled me and strode towards a darker side of the street. She pinned me to a wall, and looked into my eyes for 30 seconds straight. I felt a sudden surge of chemicals rising in my body. Fuck! Rudra is kissing me? My best friend-slash-crush? Her lips were as soft as I had imagined every time. She stopped, looked at me again with those eyes filled with… LOVE?! I turned and pinned her to the wall. I started kissing her. I was so overwhelmed and began crying. Why the hell am I crying? Shit! I had never felt so many emotions at once. Is this how love feels? Does she love me too?
She stopped kissing me as she felt my tears rolling down. She pulled my face with her two palms and looked into my eyes. I couldn’t seem to hold the stare. I started crying harder. She hugged me tightly till I calmed down. Then she held my face again in her palms, and looked into my eyes. Shit! This feels like dream. She kissed my cheeks hard. Again, she looked at me, and then leaned in for another kiss. It felt so passionate. I held her head and kissed her deeper. She put her hands inside my t-shirt, and unclipped my bra! She started to fondle my breasts. I lost it and started to moan. I could feel her smile through the kissing. I never knew this side of her! I cupped her breasts and started feeling them. Oh god! They feel so soft… like paneer. Sorry, for the loss of words. I could hear her moan and I felt so good. This is heaven!
She leaned into my neck and started kissing me, nibbled on it and I just couldn’t control it! I felt very strong things between my legs. This is happening after ages! After she finished, she looked like a kid who had won a race. Monkey! I pulled her along and went to find a comfortable room nearby. Thankfully, we found one and locked ourselves in the cabin. I removed her dress; she was completely naked inside. Oh, beautiful! I touched her breasts and she closed her eyes and moaned. I had the power to make a goddess moan?! I sucked on her breast, nibbled on it and she kept pulling my hair and moaning! I went down between her legs and felt her wet vulva. I started to circle her clit. Both of us lost our sanity. She moaned louder and I had to kiss her to stop… She climaxed in a few seconds with a huge scream. We looked at each other and she had a very tender smile! We hugged each other tightly.

All in Vein by Deva Prasad

Choli ke peechhe, chhori ka haath

Sara...that is her name.
Sometimes while sitting in the park, looking at all the living creatures passing by, she feels an urge to smash their heads with a hammer and listen to the sound of their skulls crack open. Sometimes while sitting on her office chair, smelling old papers and people, she feels like getting naked and singing ‘Aur is dil mein kya rakha hai...’
Sometimes while sitting in front of the mirror, counting her grey hair, she feels like crying loudly, and washing all her loneliness away.
It is just another ordinary day. She adjusts her breasts inside her blouse, which badly seek someone to grab and squeeze them until she cries out.
She drapes her saree, ties her hair and makes sure to take everything she needs before leaving for work. On the local train, while standing in the crowd, she feels a girl staring at her. The girl is in her early 20s with pale skin and green veins all over her hands and face. She smiles at Sara but Sara doesn’t smile back. She turns her face down and there are her feet, with a lot of wrinkles and disproportionate nails. It makes her feel like an old lady, so she pulls her feet under her saree and looks back at the strange girl who is still looking at her. The girl gestures at the empty seat next to her. Sara sits on the chair. Her presence makes Sara a little uncomfortable as she feels like her green veins are like snakes trapped in a maze. Once again, the girl smiles at Sara and this time, without resisting, Sara smiles back at her. Their eyes meet each other and she began to lose control over herself. A smile breaks out on Sara’s face which then turns into a silent laugh. Her nipples feel hard and her panties become wet. She feels like the girl’s green veins are slowly spreading on her.
The next moment when she blinks open her eyes, she is on a bed next to the girl. She is kissing her on her lips, their tongues fighting each other. Her mouth feels cold as she whispers in the girl’s ears, “Grab my boobs and squeeze them.” The girl grabs Sara’s breasts through her blouse and squeezes them hard until tears flow down Sara’s eyes. She pulls her breasts out and sucks on it. Sara starts to cry and moan at the same time. The girl's finger is in Sara’s mouth and as she sucks it, the girl asks her… “Do you want me to lick your...”
With a smile, she goes down on Sara, bites her thighs and then slowly moves her tongue to her clit. Sara moans louder as the girl’s teeth rub on her pussy. She loves that pain and asks her to slowly bite it. Sara’s legs are floating in the air. The sound of the tongue moving through her pussy echoes in her ears. Sara asked the girl to sit on her face. The girl put her thighs between Sara’s face and presses her pussy on her mouth. Sara presses her tiny little boobs where green snakes moved around. Then both of them open their thighs and press their pussies closer. They looked each other in the eye, sweating, hug and grab each other’s hair and moan until Sara comes like an ocean…
The next day, Sara spots green veins on her breasts. Round and turning endlessly… 

आमना से आमने सामने by Pallavi

Chori chhupe hi sab khulta hai

सिमी का दिल थम गया | वह दुनिया के सबसे खूबसूरत औरत के सामने बैठी थीआमना। ४० साल की आमना कैफ़े में यूँ बैठी थी जैसे उसे जरा भी
नहीं था के वह सिमी पर जादू कर रही थी घुंगराले बाल, सावला रंग, काला टी-शर्ट और काली पैंट। वह चमकीली आँखें! उन चमकीली आँखों के गिरफ़्त में सिमी खो गयी थी
आमना ने सिमी को घर बुलाया और सिमी एक झटके में मान गई। घर पे आमना ने सिमी का ड्रिंक बनाया और वह सिमी के सामने बैठ गयी। बिना बोले वह सिमी के तरफ
चमकीली आँखों से देखती रही।
की आग को सिमी काबू कर पायी और आमना के और बढ़ी। आमना ने सिमी के चेहरे को छुआ और पूछा 'किस करूँ तुझे?' सिमी आमना के ओर बढ़ी। आमना ने बिना रुके सिमी के गर्दन को चूमना शुरू किया। सिमी आमना के बाहों में पिघल गयी। उसने आमना को जोर से पकड़ा।
उसका तपता बदन, उसकी धड़कन, उसकी तेज साँसे काफी थी ज़िंदा रहने के लिए| आमना ने सिमी को सोफे पे लेटाया और उसके पेट पर बैठी। उसने सिमी के तरफ इस तरह देखा मानो उसकी रूह बस सिमी के लिए थी। उसने सिमी के भीगें होंठों पर
होंठ रख दिए। सिमी की जान हर पल निकल रही थी। आमना ने सिमी के दोनों हाथ पकडे इस तरह के वह उसकी लपेट से बाहर पाये। उसने
जीभ से सिमी के
का रास्ता ढूंढा और उसके गले तक उसे डकोसा। दोनों सांस लेना ही भूल गए थे। आमना
रुक गयी। सिमी के तरफ देखते हुए उसने
टीशर्ट उतार दिया आज वह सिमी को खा जानेवाली थी।
इशारे को समझते हुए सिमी
कुर्ती निकालने लगी। 'कितनी प्यारी शर्मीली लड़की है!' आमना ने सोचा। जब सिमी ने
कुर्ती पूरी उतार दी तब आमना को उसके कांख दिखे। आमना के पेट में गुदगुदी हुई। इतनी सुंदर, काली, झुर्रियों वाली कांख। उसने झुककर सिमी के कांख को सुंघकर कहा 'हाय! कितने खूबसूरत है यह, मुझे पागल करदेंगे!' उसने उनको ऐसे चाटना शुरू किया मानो दुनिया की सबसे मजेदार दावत हो। आमना को उसके लिए पागल होते देख सिमी में ऊर्जा आयी और उसने आमना को जोर से पकड़ते हुए
बाजू में लेटाया।
उँगलियों को छाँटकर उसने आमना के पैंट के तरफ उन्हें बढ़ाया। आमना की गरम, धड़कती और भीगी हुई चुत को उसने हलके से छूआ। पहले धीरे से फिर जोर लगाकर उसने
उँगलियों को आमना के
डाला फिर बाहर निकला।
बाहर। आमना चीखी और सिमी के तरफ लालसा से देखने लगी।
सिमी ने
उंगलिया बहार निकली और उसपे लगे आमना के रास को शिद्दत से चाटने लगी वह काफी देर तकआमना के चमकीली आँखों को देखती रही। उस पल के लिए आमना को लगायह बेहद खूबसूरत पल है!’ उसने सिमी को जोर से गले लगाया और
सर उसके कन्धों पर रखा। उस रात किसी ने एक आसूं खोया तो किसी ने

Lockdown Ki Laalas - Eeshan

Kahaani Ghar Ghar ke Repairs Ki

Uss time complete lockdown hi hua tha. Aur meri PG ki saari friends apne apne ghar ja chuki thi. Me PG me hi reh rahi thi. Mujhe nahi pata tha ki itna lamba lockdown ho jaega. Meri choot me khujli hoti thi to me cucumber aur toys se hi satisfy ho jati thi. Us time pe PG ko repair karna tha, white wash karna tha. Landlord ka phone aaya ki unhone kisi se baat kari hai, wo aajaega white wash karne ke liye. Do din baad wo aur uska dost aaya. Usne flat dekha aur kaam karna start kiya. Dono bade handsome the. Mumbai ke ghar thode alag rehte hai. Jaha Kitchen wahi bathroom hota hai. Unme se ek ladka change karne ke liye bathroom me gaya hua tha...aur me living room me thi. Me jaise hi kitchen me gayi to door se maine usko underwear me dekh liya. Uska bulge bahut mota tha. Meri choot ekdam se khul gayi usko dekh kar. Maine shaam tak ka wait kiya ki iske saath uska saathi bhi hoga. Bas start karne ki der hai. Shaam ko uske change karne jaane se pehle maine apni transparent black thong aur bra bathroom door ke piche latka di thi. Jaise hi wo washroom me gaya, mene usko awaaz di ki mere kapde andar tangey huye hai wo de do. Usne door thoda sa open karke mujhe meri bra aur thong mujhe dedi aur mene usko ek baar dekha aur phir uske bulge ko dekha…wo ek dam tight khada hua tha. Maine usse pucha chai banati hu. Wo bahar aaya, mene usko dekha. Mene apna lower thoda sa niche kara hua tha aur meri kamar ke upar se thong ki strap dikh rahi thi…
Wo mere pas piche aake khada ho gaya. Mene siski li....aur uska haath meri navel pe aa gaya. Uske pas se wo mardani khushboo aa rahi thi jo me miss kar rahi thi. Usne bina ruke apna ek haath meri lower me dala aur meri thong poori gili ho gayi thi paani se. Usne apni ungli ko mere chhed ke G spot pe hilaya…aur me machal gayi. Usne bina wait kare apne hathyar ko mere lower ko niche kar ke meri thong ko sarkaya aur chheed pe rub karne laga…
Chai ubal rahi thi aur me aur bend hui jisse usko mera full access miley aur mera chhed itna gila tha ki uske ek jhatke me mere chhhed ki sab layers khool gayi. Mujhe aisa laga ki jaise paani ka tufaan aa gaya ho…aur uska lamba mota hathyar mere andar tehelka macha raha tha. Usne dono hath se mere mommo ko dabaya...aur kas kas ke dhakke dene laga. Mene uske hathyar ko nikala aur turn hokar bend hui aur uske hathyaar ko mooh me liya. Itna jada gila ho gaya tha uska hathyar. Mene uske hathyar ko acche se chussa…Itne mahino baad mujhe kuch feel ho raha tha.  Itne me uska dost bhi kitchen me aa gaya aur usne us mauke ka faida utha kar wo bhi mere sath lag gaya. Dono ko raat bhar khush kiya.

Nosey nosey by Aikuiye

Breathe… because naak mein bhi dum rakha hai!

All characters in this film are absurdly real. Any hope to cum, squirt, moan or rejoice claimed by the title is entirely a mislead. Any resemblance to reality is absolutely intended. This movie is for those who don’t only think of butts, boobs and baklavas when they think of sex. This is a movie for those who feel the excitement down under caused because of noses. Seeing the nose from the top angle, staring at the head of the curve that slowly moves along the thigh.
Every time she sees a nose, she imagines. She likes to imagine how it would look between her legs. Her thighs, their nose. Her skin, their breath. The tip grazing the inner thigh, caressing the skin below the navel. Imagining them take in the scent. Them giving up the slight bit of comfort in breathing to move between your legs. The nose and the opening fitting like a jigsaw.
I like that top view. I like watching their head sink in. Their arms holding on to the legs for dear life. I turn left. In the light of a dim table lamp, I see myself sitting on a chair, holding a cigarette, watching hungrily. Watching me squirm as the nose digs its way through the valley. Widening it with every thrust. They come up momentarily to flip their hair to the other side. Only for it to slide back and frame their face like a willow in a dark forest. I like how I can't tell the difference between their saliva and my juices. But most of all, I like when they rise from there, to kiss me. Sharing with me the drink that was made by them.

Fireworks by Autumn

Sparks: The Desire Edition

My heart felt as if it would pop out any moment as his firm grip tightened around my waist pulling my pants down. I could feel my sweat running down my body and I was embarrassed he’d notice. My brain took me back to the very first time I wanted to kiss this beautiful creature.
I first met him on the stairs as we walked up the block after running errands. He had beautiful feet and his long fingers curled over the perspiring bottle of coke with the dew dripping down his hands, which gave me wild ideas. He was a regular visitor to my wet dreams and I was obsessed with his light brown eyes that looked like they always had a streak of kohl, and the jaw that gracefully moved whenever he spoke. I’m sure he noticed me staring blankly at him and that might have given it away in the first place.
With a thud, he pinned me onto the wall and I felt my girth being sucked into this black hole of utter confusion and pleasure. As my tip grew hotter and my knees weaker, I clenched his hair and tried to back off. But he was obviously the stronger one and I became one hot mess in his mouth. As I stood there shaking with the disbelief and guilt that comes post-nut kicking in, I stood there with the realisation that this would be the end of it. He might come punch me now to keep this a secret, I thought and felt my heart sink to my stomach as he got up, edged close, and looked me in the eye. I was expecting a blow straight on my nose but instead, I felt my ribs heave, his body thrown at me. He hugged me, his face buried under my jaw and his heavy breath falling on my neck. Standing there, red and almost about to break, something came over me and I kissed him. I was floating! I felt his hands tighten around me; we pulled away to breathe and were caught smiling. I realised that both our lashes were wet from something along the lines of love and we fell back into the embrace. As he stood there leaning on me, with his face on my chest, we saw our breaths falling into sync as our fingers trailed along our bodies, under his shirt, and through my hair. I had never known such peace.
The society was still busy burning crackers and making a fuss. Drunk middle-aged men successfully failing at impressing the general population of young women and other people’s wives with their gloating of 90’s Bollywood songs. We walked past all that, hand in hand, up to the terrace. The hallway was empty and we didn’t speak much. All the noise was muffled and we didn’t care. We kissed at every dark corner of the stairs, and up the fire exit. We went and made love under the night sky…! 

Halo in the Darkness by Neo Haven (Original Title)

A Glow in the Dark Fantasy

A sombre light flickers quietly. Heat waves swamp the cramped darkness. Only a shadow of two is seen. Not in the same position, but one below the other.
Squelch. Squelch. Squelch.
A soft piece of flesh viewed partially is eroded completely by a gliding tongue slithering from her mouth. Her pretty face is placed amidst the fleshy thighs which are neither toned nor skinny. She gobbles up the piece with hungry eyes that shimmers in the flickering light. She keeps up the pace mindlessly and rides her tongue until she feels the man squeeze his thighs tightly. She abruptly stops. “Were you going to cum?”
The man frantically nods his head. He squeezes his thighs desperately and sweat oozes from each hair follicle from the urgency. The woman smoothly runs her tongue over his legs with a blade of wetness and spit. She clasps his dick in her palms and smiles with a whisper. “Not yet.” She pulls out a dotted condom from her pockets. She turns the condoms inside out and slowly wraps that smooth chunk of flesh with the uttering of a pleasurable moan from the man’s skin. Yet there seems something ceasing the condom to touch the foreskin. She starts stroking her fingers over the cover where the man flinched.
“Oh! You liked that huh?”
She smirks at the intensity fluctuating towards her palms that curls the bubbles around the dick in pleasure. He frantically pulls back but his lower half stands steady with an energetic erection that pleases her to the core. She cups her hands and twist the skins around him. Furiously, the coolness and synthetic rub the walls of the soft flesh and trigger tears and spit from his organs. She smacks her lips in ecstasy and slowly removes the dotted condom. She throws the pre-cum filled synthetic rubber and slowly pulls her hand to take out the ball from his mouth. He pants frivolously with a shaky voice, “Please… let me cum”.
She frowns with a grunt and squeezes his dick while playing his balls with her pinkie. She looks at him with cold and ferocious eyes. Trailing his fearful but urgent gaze she shouts, “Plead with my name in your tongue. Then I shall let you”.
He whimpers from her piercing gaze and quietly utters, “Please let me cum, Master.”
She slides her long finger through the metal halo that shines at the tip of his dick. With a careful motion she pulls out the urethral plug slowly. The metal balls grazed his inner walls with so much fierceness that he moans in pleasure whilst enduring the pain. As the tip is pulled out, he squirts the purging cream all over his stomach, thighs and her gorgeous face. The thick white liquid drips down her mouth with a devilish smile, as she strokes his dick. “You did well.”
She sits up and once again admires her masterpiece.
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