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This Month on AOI: Relationship Status!   

At Agents of Ishq, love is constantly in the air – we love it, we believe in it, we think it can change the world! We celebrate love everyday, but February is always a bit special because Valentine’s Day sits in the middle of it, and we get to celebrate it with everyone for a change!
We love the chocolates and roses too, and who can say no to a heart-shaped cupcake – but don’t you feel that all the gyan and glory around V-day ends up being a bit boy-girl predictable and stereotypical and thoda bahut boring and limited? We don’t want to forget that at its core, Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love in all its mazedaar and unpredictable forms.
So this month we’re looking at those containers of love – Relationships.
How do we realise a relationship matters? Which relationships do we consider ‘serious’, and which ones do we consider frivolous? Which relationships do we respect and which ones do we sometimes not treat kindly? And how do we set about creating brand new ones – not just sexual and romantic relationships, but new kinds of family relationships too?
How do we figure out who and how and how much we love and why we do this, even if it means blazing a new trail, and even if it isn’t accepted by our families, our communities, and perhaps even the law? All these questions will be discussed with Agents of Ishq’s trademark gorgeous art, fantastic interviews, soul-searching personal essays and fun videos!
Also – are you following us on Instagram? Do it quick, because as usual the first week is Sex Ed Week at AOI and you do not want to miss the zaroori funde on our Instagram stories!
February Sneak Peek:
  • What if you aren’t inclined to sex, even if you might be open to love and romance? And what if you don’t like the term ‘asexual’? – a personal essay
  • What relationships are sanctioned by law? You’ll be surprised at this quick survey
  • A very exciting, very starry-eyed Valentine’s Day special. (It’s a secret – don’t forget to check in on the 14th!)
  • A video where artist Amruta Patil discusses different kinds of love-relationships in her work
  • A galaxy of relationship types
  • A look at how people are choosing and creating new families
Have a Happy Valentine’s Day, Agents, and may the beauty of love stay with you long after the day is done!
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