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Running into woman-on-woman porn to rediscover sex


life comes full circle i think

as i return to watch women

make love to each other for

the first time in years i

remember when i was

fifteen curious about

kissing i couldn’t stand to

watch the men whip out

their thing two minutes into

foreplay like goddamn

spend some more time on

her chest or something and

don’t do that thing down

there i’m scared all the

vicarious pleasure i’d been

receiving would rush out of

me immediately afraid i’d

never be able to fit anything

like some of my bold

classmates who moved too

fast and too fearlessly over

time my tastes have

changed and grown

transitioning like seasons of

porn a time-lapse of skies

moving behind my bed as i

lay down manifesting some

head how did i find myself

here again life comes full

circle i think these women

on my screen are taking

their time today and even

though by now 

my body has been

loved and explored

turns out i’m never

quite bored of

enjoying me some

sweet female


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